6 January 2012

Sensual Valentines Gift ideas

Lelo Valentines logo

So with Xmas finally out of the way, our focus moves to the next key date in the calendar - Valentines day....romantic gestures, flowers, romantic meals and of course the all important gift!!!

How about something a bit different but with a luxurious edge that you can both end up using together.....well Lelo has the answer!!

Lelo is a world leader in designer intimate lifestyle products which include massage oils and massage candles - a perfect gift for that intimate valentines evening.

Firstly Lelo's Flickering Touch Massage Oil.

Lelo Massage candles
Lelo Massage candle exterior

First thing that grabs you is the packaging itself...the box just screams quality, its low key, well designed and would make anyone curious about whats inside.

The quality of design does not stop there, on opening you are greeted with a stunning dark glass bottle and a hollow oval stopper effect lid. The bottle is luxury in itself...and if i was to receive this as a gift..i would be extremely impressed to say the least.

The oil comes in 3 different varieties: Fresh Lily & Musk, Spicy Clove & Amber and the one i have which is Balsam Fir & Bergamot.

The oil itself is naturally rich in vitamin E and has a blend of apricot kernel, grape seed and jojoba oils. In addition to that the oil also contains 24 karat gold flakes which leave your skin luminous and radiant.

It dispenses easily with a pump action nozzle, the fragrance itself is subtle yet alluring, it feels amazing on the skin and a little goes a long way!! Massage is easy with this oil and glides across the skin effortlessly.....I simply can't fault this product!

Now as you can expect the retail price for this is at the higher end of the market £29.99...but if you hop over to adult retailer www.sextoys.co.uk they are currently selling them for £24.95 here. They are also available direct from the Lelo site itself here

Now onto the massage candles and another one from Lelo - The Flickering Touch Massage Candle.

Lelo massage candle box

Lelo massage candle

Lelo massage candle open

Again packaging is key, sleek, understated and the candle itself does not disappoint either. Gorgeous plain black glass holder with the signature oval handle lid.

Again the candle comes in 3 different scents: Vanilla & Creme de Cacao, Black Pepper & Pomegranate and the one i have which is Snow Pear & Cedar wood.

The candle is made from natural soy wax, Shea butter and apricot kernel oil and of course natural vitamin e.

To use the candle you simple light it as normal...the fragrance is stunning..again its not overpowering but leaves the rooms smelling delicious. You can leave the candle burn for as long as you wish....or until there is enough oil created for massage. You then simple blow the candle out, wait about 30 seconds for it to cool and then pour the oil. I have to say it is a little messy and would have loved perhaps a small spout on the side of the holder to enable it to pour easier as it tends to go all down the sides. The oil itself is perfect for massage and like the massage oil above glides across the skin with ease. It leaves behind a sort of waxy feel to your skin but i found if you give the skin a wipe over with a cloth, which i tend to do anyway after use of any sort of massage oil, that waxy feel disappears and you are then left with super soft, yummy smelling skin!!

Price again is a little bit more expensive at £19.95..but as gorgeous gifts go i think this is worth the money. Again this is available direct from the Lelo site here or from Sextoys UK here.

So onto the last one which again is another Massage candle this time from Lelo's Ono range.

Ono produce quality body massagers, oil, massage candles and lubricants. Quality of the product is still high but these also have a fun element to them.

The packaging again is very sleek but this time the candle is encased in a very cute and funky designed tin. This variety of candle is available in 3 varieties: Lemongrass & Shea Butter, French Vanilla & Shea Butter and the one i have which is the gorgeous Red Mandarin & Shea Butter. The fragrance instantly hits you on opening and i found it alot stronger than the Lelo candle. The candle again is made from soy wax, apricot kernel oil and Shea butter.

Usage is the same as the one above, light, leave, blow out, cool and pour!! This one doesn't take as long  as the Lelo candle to burn down and also doesn't leave that waxy feeling afterwards. Massage is easy, the scent subtle and left the skin feeling super soft and smelling yummy.

The Ono candle isn't as expensive as the Lelo one but in my eyes is just as good. It retails at £14 and you can purchase it from La Belle UK.

So there you go 3 alternative and luxurious gifts ideas for valentines day...treat that someone special to a bit of luxury this year and try Lelo.Pin It

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