3 February 2011

Beauty Bizarre!!!

The absolute beauty of Twitter is it gives the ability for small independent designers, fashionista's and crafty creators to have their voice heard by the mass population. There is an absolute minefield of untapped talent out there waiting to be discovered and iv wanted to blog about it for ages. Raffles Bizarre is one of them.....

Raffles Bizzarre header

Raffles Bizarre  aka Jess Heath is an independent, quirky and alternative maker of jewellery...were talking skulls, stars, bows, lace, chunky chains with certain pieces having an almost vintage feel to them......if your looking for understated then walk away now.....as these are in your face, fun and just scream 'look at me'.......

Raffles Bizarre bracelet

Circus in town necklace

sailboat wrap bangle

button statement necklace

lace and roses mini top hat
If you prefer a more vintage feel to your jewellery and are looking for a special one of piece...try her 'to die for' Queen B range......slightly more expensive but worth the cost as these are stylish but with an unusual twist....

flowers and gold necklace

woodland necklace

Mona Lisa necklace

Every piece is statement making, original, girlie and wonderfully quirky.
Please do check her website out at: 

You can also catch her on Twitter http://twitter.com/rafflesbizarre 

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  1. Thanks so much miss!! What a lovely suprise and a fabulous write up, I'm flattered :D

  2. Love the Button Statement Necklace! There are also some adorable Valentines cards on the website :)


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