19 April 2019

Pure Green Coffee 28 day Detox

pure green coffee company
So, if like me you are one of those that are forever searching for the 'holy grail' of diets or diet aids, then you will probably be aware of Green Coffee Bean extract...a supplement taken from the unroasted green coffee bean. Touted as the next big thing in fat burning, it also offers natural energy boosting properties.

So to the science bit: so green coffee beans basically contain something called chlorogenic acid, which is believed to suppress appetite, boost your metabolism and help burn fat. It also helps reduce bloating and is full of antioxidents.....all sounds great, but does it work?

Well the Pure Green Coffee Company think so......their aim was to produce a set of products that delivers the benefit of pure green coffee beans without the horrific taste as the unroasted green coffee is actually undrinkable.

So Im going to be trailing their 28 day Coffee detox programme. This blend includes Arabica beans for that familiar coffee flavour plus natural goodies such as dandelion, nettle, vanilla and raspberry. It also has the addition of something called Coleus Forskohlii which is a traditional Indian herb used to aid weight loss. 

Vegan Friendly?: Yes indeedy, its fully approved
Gluten free?: Also yes
Can i drink alcohol with this? Its not recommended during the detox as could reduce the effectiveness and give you an upset stomach.

pure green coffee company

So as you can see it comes in little individual bags, however they are not instant....so they do need to steep for about 3 minutes or so to let the flavour come out. If you like to add milk or sugar you can do, or just drink it black!

It's vegan (approved by the Vegan society), gluten-free and comes in individual coffee bags for maximum freshness. Just steep one in hot water for three minutes, remove the bag and add milk or a natural sweetener if desired. And this is our cappuccino version.

Taste test: Well just tastes like coffee, not strong or bitter at all, really easy to drink - good first impressions

How do i feel afterwards: Definitely feel a boost of energy...not like the coffee buzz type, but more energised....feel very productive which is a bonus.

So the detox programme is designed for you to couple with a healthy eating plan....and if you need some meal inspiration check our the Pure Green Coffee Diet Plan which can give you some ideas over the 28 days.

So im going to track my progress of the 28 days and see how I get on.........fancy trying it yourself?? Enter my competition below.....and a box of the Pure Green Coffee 28 day detox programme will be winging its way to you.......

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16 July 2018

Zenmed reloaded - welcome back to two favourites

So its always great when a brand brings back a much loved discontinued product......and the lovely Zenmed have done just that with not just one but two relaunched skincare products from their range.

A bit about Zenmed
So if you haven't come across Zenmed before they are a skincare company who develop skincare for targeted skin problems such as rosacea, ance, scars and anti - ageing by using naturally-based botanical ingredients. 

So who have they brought back........

So firstly say hello to their reformulated Essential Eye Serum - a small but mighty little serum targeted to banish those pesky dark circles, the odd wrinkle and eye puffiness. The serum contains a wonder ingredients called Matrixyl which basically helps to tighten the delicate skin.....coupled with an injection of caffeine to reduce puffiness. This serum is really thick, and you only need the smallest amount - simply apply with your finger and pat gently around eye and brow bone if needed. This is one of those serums that you can feel working as i can feel a slight tightening under my eyes after application - I've used this product now for a couple of weeks - I haven't personally seen any visible changes to the skin in that area but the skin does feel supple and soft....slightly less panda eyes (dark circles)...but i think that's something that you can never fully erase. 

This retails at £39 - which for the tiny bottle, is at the higher end of the market - and having only used for 2 weeks so far I won't lay final judgement just yet...initla usage has been positive so far though.

Pro's: Instant tightening feeling, perfect for sensitive skin, oil free, little goes a long way

Con's: Quite pricey for its size, the actual tightening effect may no be pleasant for some

So onto the final rebounder.....so say hello to Oregano + Mint Botanical Cleanser - a multi use cleanser for both face and body that fights acne and targets those nasty breakouts. So if you want to put the zing back into your skin and banish spots then this may be answer.....

The cleanser is made up of oregano oil, salicylic acid and milled walnut shells - on flipping the cap open you are greeted with this lovely waft of mint which reminded me of olbas oil but much softer. The cleanser is a dark brown colour - which i wasn't expecting, and its jam packed full of the milled walnut shell. You apply to wet skin and then simply rub in a circular motion to slough the skin - this is where the magic happens and the mint really comes into play (especially on your face) you'll experience a zingy, tingly fresh feeling which I really loved - rinse off with water and you are left with a cool and clean feeling to your skin.....LOVE THIS CLEANSER!!

It does say that it wont overdry your skin, however i did feel that my skin felt slightly dry after use - so just wack your usual moisturiser on - and then you can really feel the smooth outcome of your skin. Whether you use this on your face or body - results are great, both the process and outcome.

This currently retails at £20 - however if you use code EASEACNE15 on the website you'll get a nice 15% off. 

Pro's: Smells lovely, zingy fresh experience when using, really smooth skin afterwards, little goes a long way.

Con's: I found it slightly drying but this could vary depending on individual skin type 

So out of the two this is definitely my favourite no question......usability and results both tick boxes......

If you want to check out their full range then head on over to https://zenmed.com/ 

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28 January 2018

Ace your space with a Canvas from Photowall

Now if your like me and love to adorn your home with cool imagery, capture photos of your family or have a feature wall with your favourite pet.....then Photowall may be the perfect pitstop to fulfil your needs.

So who are Photowall
So if you haven't come across Photowall before they are a Swedish based company that offer a huge selection of wall murals and canvas prints. The site is easy to navigate and you have a few options to choose from:

Wall Murals
You can choose from either a standard wall murals or photo wallpaper - both of which can be customised to whatever size you want, and a handy calculator with tell you the exact price for your size. Wall murals can be non woven in premium or standard formats. You can choose from over 3000 designs from 70 designers, and designs are categorised for easy finding, including categorised by colour  or rooms so you can perfectly match it to your decor. There is also the option to upload your own image.

Canvas prints
Made from 100% cotton they are available in either do-it yourself frame packs (see mine below) or frameless. Again there are thousands of images to choose from plus a large selection of designer prints, and also the option to upload your own image. You can choose framing, edge and size and again the handy calculator will tell you your price. The process is easy to do and simple to order with delivery taking 4-6 days. 

Environmentally friendly
Photowall have a huge focus on producing their goods in the most environmentally friendly way. Their factory minimises impact by ensuring all production is to order, meaning nothing is held in stock and the inks contain no nasty solvents/chemicals and are biodegradable. They also support an aid organisation called Vi Agroforestry where every year they plant over 5,000 trees in an areas near Lake Victoria, eastern Africa.

So what are the products like......

So I ordered a canvas print (80 x 60cm) which cost £70, the delivery comes in a long box which contains:
4 x frame slats
Rolled up canvas design
4 x corner brackets
Bag of frame screws
Picture hook and screws to hang your frame.

The process to put the frame together is pretty straight forward, lay your canvas flat, image down. Take one of the frame edges and peel off the back  - you then place it on the edge between the 2 pre-cut corner. Repeat the process untill all 4 are placed. (see image below left). You then roll in each edge and if placed correctly the two edges will meet (see image below right).

You then place a bracket in the corner and screw 4 screws into the pre-drilled holes - this will secure the frame in place...and tada.....your canvas is then ready to hang.

The frame is really sturdy and the colours are excellent, the whole process is really quick and there isn't anything i can really fault....

Like what you see......grab yourself a discount

Fancy getting one for yourself.....Photowall has kindly offered all my readers a fab 20% discount on any order made between now and the first week of March.

Simply enter the code:

Huge thank you to Jennifer at Photowall for kindly allowing me to review this canvas. All view are my own. 

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21 January 2018

Globenfeld Jetmaster Sports Watch Review

Now if you or your other half are a fan of statement watches that don't break the bank then you should seriously consider checking out the rather handsome Globenfeld Jetmaster watch.

The Jetmaster is a tough and rugged sports watch which is designed for practical use but also looks stylish. The watch comes in a stylish magnetic close box so would make an ideal gift, it also comes with an impressive 5 year warranty.

It has a large face which is 51mm width which is surrounded by a stainless steel case which has a tachymeter edging. The face contains digital alarm, calendar and stopwatch displays which all can be backlit blue at the touch of the top left button.

The face is black with stainless steel number indicators and hands.You have not one, not two but five raised and textured buttons to aid for easy setting and functionality of your watch.

The strap is made from hard wearing silicone rubber which they state will last for years. It is intertwined with silver slats which enable the bracelet to be adapted to suit wrist size. 

The watch itself even though it looks quite bulky is fairly light but you can feel the weight in the watch face. Overall aesthetically its quite impressive, however if you are not a fan of large face watches then this may be too big for you.The face has a tough, scratch and shock resistant glass which makes it perfect for sports and activity use.

So to the tech spec.......it has a multitude of functions which include:

  • Quartz movement
  • Dual analogue and digital time display - allowing you to display different time zones
  • Alarm function
  • Date function
  • Timer function
  • Stopwatch function - with general, split and cumulative options
  • Blue backlight
  • Calendar function 

The buttons have specific functions as detailed in the manual (which i would suggest you read as there is so much to set). The normal pull out crown will set date and time settings. There is also a start/stop button, reset button, backlight button and mode button.

Takes a little time to set up but thankfully nothing as advanced as some watches can be. The chunky, raised and textured buttons make it easy to use - so no fiddling trying to grasp the pull out crown.

The best thing about this watch is the price.....£49.98 on Amazon!! But even better they currently have it on sale for £29.99....absolute bargain. 

The watch looks, feels and functions like a much more expensive watch, its well made and sturdy and look great when on.....the watch certainly does not reflect the price.

Overall this is a fantastic purchase and would made a great gift without breaking the bank.

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10 January 2018

Quick healthy cakes with the Nutri Snack Cake Maker

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

So i recently got asked to try another new gadget and this time it was one for the kitchen. Meet the Nutri Snack cake maker....designed to create supposedly quick and easy cakes 'health' sweet or savoury snacks in 8 perfect bite size pieces.

Its essentially designed to make quick and easy small snacks. The machine basically looks like a toasty maker only smaller. On opening it has non stick plates top and bottom and has a slotted insert which separates the ingredients to make 8 cakes - but you can forgo this and also make 1 large one if you like.  

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

The box also comes with a booklet of recipes such as low carb carrot cake and cinnamon protein cakes so i decided to go for the banana cakes as they seemed the simplest recipe to start off with.

So followed the instructions in the book (it states it makes 16 cakes) - well once all the ingredients was mixed there was enough for double that.....just way too much.

I switched the unit on - it has automatic temperature control, and 2 indicator lights telling you when its up to temperature. Once that green light comes on you can then open the lid....i would use either oven gloves or a towel as steam can come out of the bottom as you open.
You then use a spray oil to spray the plates as well as the insides of the cake sectioner.
You spoon a heaped spoonful into each compartment so they are half full (this is different for each recipe so check beforehand) - you then close the lid and wait.

Now for this recipe it says you will have perfectly springy cakes in 6-8 minutes........8 minutes later.....they were still looking raw, and hadn't risen that much, put the lid down waited a bit more....still not ready, about 15 minutes later, tested them with a cocktail stick....came out clean so took them out......as you can see from the picture above..they weren't quite as expected! Now if perhaps Id filled the mixture more to the top, then maybe i would have had a different outcome......however they tasted great so not all bad

So initial first impressions weren't that great....recipes seemed to produce way to much mixture, the amount stated to put in each slot was off, and the timings were also wrong. For me this is one of those gadgets that you need to experiment with to find the right settings for you.

I'm not going to give up on it, Im going to try a few recipes of my own and increase the amount in each section and will also see how it fairs just baking one large cake .....see if the outcome is any better. The idea in principal is a good one but in reality misses the mark a bit for me (maybe i just picked the wrong recipe).

Its meant to be quick and easy and i actually found it quite a faff and fiddly..which was disappointing. It is however appealing to kids.....and my boys couldn't wait to try it.

The price is really affordable at £20 and is available from Amazon. Reading other reviews for the cake maker it seems many people found it worked really well....which Is why im going to be trying again. Baking was never my thing......so perhaps the issue here is my skills and not the machine.....

If you love a fun kitchen gadget and also like to bake then this may work for you......
For my experience id give it 3 out of 5......

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