19 April 2019

Pure Green Coffee 28 day Detox

pure green coffee company
So, if like me you are one of those that are forever searching for the 'holy grail' of diets or diet aids, then you will probably be aware of Green Coffee Bean extract...a supplement taken from the unroasted green coffee bean. Touted as the next big thing in fat burning, it also offers natural energy boosting properties.

So to the science bit: so green coffee beans basically contain something called chlorogenic acid, which is believed to suppress appetite, boost your metabolism and help burn fat. It also helps reduce bloating and is full of antioxidents.....all sounds great, but does it work?

Well the Pure Green Coffee Company think so......their aim was to produce a set of products that delivers the benefit of pure green coffee beans without the horrific taste as the unroasted green coffee is actually undrinkable.

So Im going to be trailing their 28 day Coffee detox programme. This blend includes Arabica beans for that familiar coffee flavour plus natural goodies such as dandelion, nettle, vanilla and raspberry. It also has the addition of something called Coleus Forskohlii which is a traditional Indian herb used to aid weight loss. 

Vegan Friendly?: Yes indeedy, its fully approved
Gluten free?: Also yes
Can i drink alcohol with this? Its not recommended during the detox as could reduce the effectiveness and give you an upset stomach.

pure green coffee company

So as you can see it comes in little individual bags, however they are not instant....so they do need to steep for about 3 minutes or so to let the flavour come out. If you like to add milk or sugar you can do, or just drink it black!

It's vegan (approved by the Vegan society), gluten-free and comes in individual coffee bags for maximum freshness. Just steep one in hot water for three minutes, remove the bag and add milk or a natural sweetener if desired. And this is our cappuccino version.

Taste test: Well just tastes like coffee, not strong or bitter at all, really easy to drink - good first impressions

How do i feel afterwards: Definitely feel a boost of energy...not like the coffee buzz type, but more energised....feel very productive which is a bonus.

So the detox programme is designed for you to couple with a healthy eating plan....and if you need some meal inspiration check our the Pure Green Coffee Diet Plan which can give you some ideas over the 28 days.

So im going to track my progress of the 28 days and see how I get on.........fancy trying it yourself?? Enter my competition below.....and a box of the Pure Green Coffee 28 day detox programme will be winging its way to you.......

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