16 July 2018

Zenmed reloaded - welcome back to two favourites

So its always great when a brand brings back a much loved discontinued product......and the lovely Zenmed have done just that with not just one but two relaunched skincare products from their range.

A bit about Zenmed
So if you haven't come across Zenmed before they are a skincare company who develop skincare for targeted skin problems such as rosacea, ance, scars and anti - ageing by using naturally-based botanical ingredients. 

So who have they brought back........

So firstly say hello to their reformulated Essential Eye Serum - a small but mighty little serum targeted to banish those pesky dark circles, the odd wrinkle and eye puffiness. The serum contains a wonder ingredients called Matrixyl which basically helps to tighten the delicate skin.....coupled with an injection of caffeine to reduce puffiness. This serum is really thick, and you only need the smallest amount - simply apply with your finger and pat gently around eye and brow bone if needed. This is one of those serums that you can feel working as i can feel a slight tightening under my eyes after application - I've used this product now for a couple of weeks - I haven't personally seen any visible changes to the skin in that area but the skin does feel supple and soft....slightly less panda eyes (dark circles)...but i think that's something that you can never fully erase. 

This retails at £39 - which for the tiny bottle, is at the higher end of the market - and having only used for 2 weeks so far I won't lay final judgement just yet...initla usage has been positive so far though.

Pro's: Instant tightening feeling, perfect for sensitive skin, oil free, little goes a long way

Con's: Quite pricey for its size, the actual tightening effect may no be pleasant for some

So onto the final rebounder.....so say hello to Oregano + Mint Botanical Cleanser - a multi use cleanser for both face and body that fights acne and targets those nasty breakouts. So if you want to put the zing back into your skin and banish spots then this may be answer.....

The cleanser is made up of oregano oil, salicylic acid and milled walnut shells - on flipping the cap open you are greeted with this lovely waft of mint which reminded me of olbas oil but much softer. The cleanser is a dark brown colour - which i wasn't expecting, and its jam packed full of the milled walnut shell. You apply to wet skin and then simply rub in a circular motion to slough the skin - this is where the magic happens and the mint really comes into play (especially on your face) you'll experience a zingy, tingly fresh feeling which I really loved - rinse off with water and you are left with a cool and clean feeling to your skin.....LOVE THIS CLEANSER!!

It does say that it wont overdry your skin, however i did feel that my skin felt slightly dry after use - so just wack your usual moisturiser on - and then you can really feel the smooth outcome of your skin. Whether you use this on your face or body - results are great, both the process and outcome.

This currently retails at £20 - however if you use code EASEACNE15 on the website you'll get a nice 15% off. 

Pro's: Smells lovely, zingy fresh experience when using, really smooth skin afterwards, little goes a long way.

Con's: I found it slightly drying but this could vary depending on individual skin type 

So out of the two this is definitely my favourite no question......usability and results both tick boxes......

If you want to check out their full range then head on over to https://zenmed.com/ 

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