10 January 2018

Quick healthy cakes with the Nutri Snack Cake Maker

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

So i recently got asked to try another new gadget and this time it was one for the kitchen. Meet the Nutri Snack cake maker....designed to create supposedly quick and easy cakes 'health' sweet or savoury snacks in 8 perfect bite size pieces.

Its essentially designed to make quick and easy small snacks. The machine basically looks like a toasty maker only smaller. On opening it has non stick plates top and bottom and has a slotted insert which separates the ingredients to make 8 cakes - but you can forgo this and also make 1 large one if you like.  

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

Nutri Snack Cake Maker

The box also comes with a booklet of recipes such as low carb carrot cake and cinnamon protein cakes so i decided to go for the banana cakes as they seemed the simplest recipe to start off with.

So followed the instructions in the book (it states it makes 16 cakes) - well once all the ingredients was mixed there was enough for double that.....just way too much.

I switched the unit on - it has automatic temperature control, and 2 indicator lights telling you when its up to temperature. Once that green light comes on you can then open the lid....i would use either oven gloves or a towel as steam can come out of the bottom as you open.
You then use a spray oil to spray the plates as well as the insides of the cake sectioner.
You spoon a heaped spoonful into each compartment so they are half full (this is different for each recipe so check beforehand) - you then close the lid and wait.

Now for this recipe it says you will have perfectly springy cakes in 6-8 minutes........8 minutes later.....they were still looking raw, and hadn't risen that much, put the lid down waited a bit more....still not ready, about 15 minutes later, tested them with a cocktail stick....came out clean so took them out......as you can see from the picture above..they weren't quite as expected! Now if perhaps Id filled the mixture more to the top, then maybe i would have had a different outcome......however they tasted great so not all bad

So initial first impressions weren't that great....recipes seemed to produce way to much mixture, the amount stated to put in each slot was off, and the timings were also wrong. For me this is one of those gadgets that you need to experiment with to find the right settings for you.

I'm not going to give up on it, Im going to try a few recipes of my own and increase the amount in each section and will also see how it fairs just baking one large cake .....see if the outcome is any better. The idea in principal is a good one but in reality misses the mark a bit for me (maybe i just picked the wrong recipe).

Its meant to be quick and easy and i actually found it quite a faff and fiddly..which was disappointing. It is however appealing to kids.....and my boys couldn't wait to try it.

The price is really affordable at £20 and is available from Amazon. Reading other reviews for the cake maker it seems many people found it worked really well....which Is why im going to be trying again. Baking was never my thing......so perhaps the issue here is my skills and not the machine.....

If you love a fun kitchen gadget and also like to bake then this may work for you......
For my experience id give it 3 out of 5......

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