21 December 2017

Review: Karmin 5 in 1 Epilator

So whether you shave or epilate your hair....having both options in 1 product means the best of both worlds and that's where Karmin steps in with the 5 in 1 Epilator Set. This multi functional set from Karmin covers all bases and has a multitude of attachments including:

  • 1 x Epilator Head
  • 1 x Shaver Head
  • 1 x Exfoliating attachment
  • 1 x Pedicure attachment
  • 1 x Massage attachment
  • A Protective Cap and cleaning brush
  • Charger (European 2 prong so you will need a converter adapter)

Other features include:

  • Can be used dry or wet
  • LED light at the head to illuminate the skin
  • Has 2 speed settings 
  • Chargeable unit with charging Indicator light and 90 minutes use on a full charge

Aethetics and packaging
The set comes in a really attractive and minimal white box which looks really good quality. On opening, the set is cream and rose gold and does look really lovely.....excellent gift potential!.

The main base unit
So the main base unit is very sleek in appearance and really lightweight. There is a small button the back that pops the head off, and on the front is the main power button. You press once for the first speed (indicated by a small light) and then twice for high speed. At the bottom of the unit handle is the battery indicator which will glow when charging. Each head is really easy to attach, just click in place and then pop off when you want a change. 

Epilator Function
So the epilator head comes with a nifty little addition of a light at the base of the roller....this illuminates the skin as you go making it much easier to see smaller hairs. The 2 speeds make this ideal for either the first time user or regular user. I would suggest the slower speed if you haven't used one before, simply to get used to the sensation of your hairs being pulled out. The best length for you hair to be to use an epilator is around 3-4mm. 

To use...hold it perpendicular to your skin and move against the growth of your hair. It takes a few goes to get the right pressure and too hard or too light it wont perform that well. Once you get the hang of it the process is really easy. It does take alot longer that shaving as you have to go over areas a few times to get all the hairs.....so if you are looking for a quick fix - switch heads and use the shaver. 

This epilator head does a really good job, areas like arms it works really well, I did find with the lower legs it did take alot longer, maybe because the hair was thicker, I had to go over some areas several times which meant is was pretty time consuming, but once done skin was really smooth. You do get reddening in certain areas but it doesn't last and will fade - obviously bit more painful on on the inner thighs, underarms and bikini line so take your time in those areas. If you do find it too sensitive to use on dry skin, try it in the shower instead and you can use it on its own or with the addition of shower gel, shaving cream etc.

Shaver Function
This is a pretty standard shaver, great for a quick fix before a night out. It cuts fairly close but certain areas you do feel slight stubble but not massively.....and once you have moisturised, it feels fine.....it basically does the job, not the best shaver in the world but handy none the less. 

The Pedicure Function
So this pedicure attachment is perfect for those with really rough skin or heels, just buffs away, doesn't hurt and leaves skin in those problem areas feeling so much better and smoother. Really surprised at how well this tackled hard skin - my heels feel great and look ten times better....definitely be using this on a regular basis.

The Massager function
So another addition to this set is the massager head. It has 5 roller balls and the head basically spins around, i would suggest using on the lowest speed as it runs away from you on the higher one. Not really sure this attachment works with the speed of the base unit - I think its too fast even on the lowest speed, its really noisy, drags your skin and doesn't feel relaxing at all. I think the idea in principal was a good one...but practically it just doesn't work for me.

Body Exfoliation Brush Function
So if you are fancying a bit of a body buff then there's a head for that......so this head fits onto the same head unit as the massager, the top part clicks off and you just swap it out. The bristles on the head are quite soft.....a bit too soft I think and I didn't really feel that it aided exfoliation, in fact I didn't feel this head did much really.....bristles need to be alot firmer to enable good exfoliation which is a bit of a shame. 

So for me I would say 3 out of the 5 functions works really well - the epilator, shaver and pedicure functions were great and all worked really well. The body exfoliator and massager however not so well....a nice addition in principal but just didn't really work for me. I wouldn't let that put you off however - that is just a personal view and for some these 2 attachments may work fine.

Overall this is a lovely little set - and would make the perfect gift. I love the multi function element, the charge on the unit lasts really well and the heads are easy to switch. 

At the moment you can only purchase this online direct from the Karmin website, currently retailing at $129.95 (about £97) which is a pretty average price in comparison to some of the similar sets out in the market. 

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