24 October 2017

SENSSE Eye Massager Review

So this SENSSE eye massager is basically designed to reduce the signs of ageing and puffyness around the eyes by using sonic vibrations and LED light therapy.

Im lucky to say i have minimal lines around my eyes however puffyness and dark circles are a re-occurrence which is where im hoping this rather lovely looking gadget will help.

Aesthetics: So firstly packaging and design - its comes presented in a very chic and minimal white box which looks expensive, its then let down when you open it as, well.... its so tightly packed you spend 5 minutes trying to help it escape from its packaging. The actual gadget itself is very sleek and simple looking. It take one AAA battery(which isn't included) and its a simple push up and down to change modes.

Functionality: So the massager has 2 modes, first is a sonic cleansing mode which has a blue LED light. This mode helps to remove impuritites as well as sooth the skin around the eyes and has a slow/long vibration. The second mode is high frequency which has a red LED light. This mode is said to help reduce find lines and wrinkles and uses much faster and shorter vibrations.

The actual massager wont start working until it touches the skin. To make the experience and enjoyable one I don't recommend using it on dry skin as it will drag. Remove your make up and apply cleanser, with the cleanser on then start the sonic cleansing mode (blue LED) and gently massage the eye area for about 15 seconds - you can also do your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin if required. Its quite a nice feeling and it promotes increased blood flow to the skins surface - so that's got to be a good thing!!

Once rinsed and dried, simply apply a moisturiser or eye gel and then switch up to the high frequency mode and massage again where required.

The overall process is quite enjoyable and its like giving your face a salon treatment at home (and way less expensive).

So am i seeing results......well nothing hugely drastic as yet though the skin does feel smooth around my eyes. Id need to give this type of product a good few months usage before i make a final judgement on whether it works or not, but first impressions are good and its now part of my weekly beauty regime......If it banishes my dark circles, then Ill happily give it a 5 out of 5. Lets wait and see........

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