24 October 2017

Xtava Pro Satin Flat Irons Review

Xtava box

So if you are in the market for a new set of straighteners but have a tight budget then this brand just might be right up your street. 

The Xstava straighteners use infra red technology which is meant to be much kinder to your hair, essentially heating it from the inside out, couple that with the tourmaline plates which prevent drag the combination should essentially leave your hair soft, straight and glossy. 

Xtava display box

Xtava display box

Xtava carry case

Aesthetics: So for a lower end of the market product i have to admit packaging wise I wasn't expecting alot.....how wrong was I, firstly when it arrived, it comes in a huge box....very classy black and gold exterior with a glimpse of what the product looks like on the sides. When you open the box you then pull out another which is a sleek black presentation box which Xtava embossed on the front - its looks expensive, Im impressed!!
Flip open the lid and inside is a black zip case (heat resistant foiled) which contains the straighteners.

So the straighteners themselves - some great plus points already:

  • The wide plates, really good size and perfect for thick hair
  • Nice thick handle which is easy to hold
  • There is an LCD screen display so you can clearly see what temperature its at.
  • The controls and on the inside of the handle meaning you don't accidently press them when using them
  • Has a shut of safety feature if you leave them on for too long

Xtava Straighteners

Xtava plates

Xtava LED Display

Xtava controls

There are 11 heating settings available between 130°C and 230°C and it takes about 1 minute/1 min and a half to heat up to full temperature,The screen is a massive bonus as you can see the temp rising, once it hits your desired temp you are ready to go.

The test: So my hair is pretty thick, wavy and coloured. I found the plates glided over my hair pretty easily with no drag, however for some areas i did have to repeat a couple of times to get the desired smooth result I wanted. 

Are they currently better than the straighteners I'm currently using? - I would say no, but, they do the job, just not first time in some areas which essentially is what you want. i think if you have finer hair then these would work like a dream for you.

Conclusion: Overall looks wise and price wise I'm really impressed, the whole packaging and design of the item is really good, and anyone getting this as a potential gift won't be disappointed. Love the wideness of the plates and how they glide through my hair - Id rate them 4 out of 5......they lose a point for not giving me the desired finish the first time round in certain areas. 
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