22 March 2011

Balance Eye Cream Trial

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Iv been asked to do a 4 week trial of a Guthy Renker brand eye cream - Balance Active Formula via Twitter and the fabulous @beautynews and http://www.publicasity.com/ 

They were looking for people over 35....check!....and who wanted to clear their wrinkles.....well id say i havent really got any...but i definatly want to keep them at bay!!

This is the cream im trialing:
Balance Active Formula eye cream with EYEPRO 3X

Balance eye cream
Its said to address the concerns of ageing under the eyes, helping to improve the appearence of dark circles, bags and fine lines!! Fantastic....sounds great....but does it really work..............well this is what im here to find out.

So im basically going to keep track of how this cream works over the next 4 weeks. I started on Saturday (19th Mar) .......and this is how i looked.....and may i add i cant believe im posting a pic of me looking most un glamorous and make up free!! but anyway...gives you an idea of how my eyes look....

Francesca head shot
I do suffer from having dark circles under my eyes sometimes due to the lack of sleep....as im a crap sleeper.....so it will be interesting to see if it makes any difference to them.

The cream is perfume free, non greasy and easy to apply...just apply and gently pat with a finger under each eye morning and night!! So lets see how i go........will follow up after my first week!!
In the meantime if you want to check our their other products hop over to their website http://www.balancecosmetics.co.uk/Pin It

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  1. Thank you for posting this article on therapy, I've spent the last month learning everything I can but haven't come across this before. And thanks for being do follow as well, I also appreciate that.


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