31 July 2011

Iv been Flupped.........

Flup Logo

Recently browsing on Twitter i came across Flup which is a brand new tool...still currently in Beta that basically takes the pain out of networking and swapping information. 

Flup basically gives you the tools to share information of your choosing to contacts you find along the way, like a sort of online organiser....you choose what information to share and vice versa. So you can have your email, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and website details all within your Flup homepage. Your out and about...you meet someone you wish to share contact details with...simply give them your Flup username url.....and bam they can connect with you and obtain all the info you choose to share with them. 

Essentially this could be a great blogging/network/business tool, it has its own internal messaging service and the ability to tag contacts which is ideal for grouping contacts together. 

Overall im really liking the whole concept of Flup...and looking forward to seeing how it will develo.Iv  also agreed to try out the Flup contact me buttons which you can see on my blog now.....so if you want to connect with me...just click and go!!

If you fancy trying out Flup for yourself...head on over to the site here. You can also keep updated on all their new developments and provide them feedback whilst in Beta via their Twitter feed here. And the great thing is they actually listen to your feedback!!!

Could this be the next big social media platform.??
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