22 July 2011

A red heads saviour.....

Red Head

Its fair to say it pretty much kicks ass to be red....however up keep of red hair is an absolute mare...roots every 3-4 months, colour enhancer every week or so, conditioning treatments to keep it glossy, yada yada yada.....

Now firstly it was my hairdresser that introduced me to this little miracle colour enhancer, and iv been meaning to share it on my blog for a while..as this stuff is amazing for keeping my hair colour as vibrant as it was from day one....easing me through the 'end stage faded' weeks before my next recolour!!

Say hello to Renbow Crazy Colour -

Renbow Crazy colour
Renbow swatch

Renbow logo
This small bottle of quite scary looking red gloop is actually pretty much my best mate at the moment....WARNING...rubber gloves are a must for application of this stuff otherwise you'll end up with rather bright coloured hands!!

You simply wash your hair as normal, then towel dry...then apply a rather fetching pair of rubber gloves....and squeeze out a large blob of the gloop.....(squeeze hard as its pretty thick in consistency), then massage or brush through your hair ( if you use the brush method you simply comb through until it becomes frothy, showing that the colour pigments are working)....make sure you've fully covered your hair but stay away from your scalp, then using an old or dark towel (as you will get it covered in red) wrap your hair up and leave for between 15-30 mins. You then rinse out....(use gloves again for this bit).....and tada......your hair is transformed into the fiery red it was before.

The colour pretty much lasts for 2-3 washes.....before you may need to re apply again. But as colour enhancers go for those in between faded stages...this stuff pretty much earns the crown.

Yes it can be a bit messy to apply.....but for me the results i get from it are worth it!!

The best thing about Renbow is the mind boggling array of colours they have in their collection. The one i use is Fire Red..(pictured above) but check out some of the colours below!!

Renbow colour swatches

It retails for about £4.00 and you can buy them direct from the site here. However i normally get mine on Ebay. You can get a box of 4 for about £10 which is an absolute bargain as my hairdresser's actually charge £10 for just one!!

So for any other vibrant red head out there that wants to keep their colour looking good for longer do give it a try....you'll be surprised with the results!!

My hair colour
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  1. I can vouch for how good the Crazy Colour is, in April my daughter had blue hair and we used these to top her colour up once a week, then she changed to pink hair and once again we used Crazy Colour. I used to pay about £7 a bottle from Sally's, well worth it, as well as keeping the colour vibrant the product is very conditioning and gave her hair a lovely shine. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Exactly thats the great thing about it...certain products like this leave the hair feeling like straw..mind u i have ruined a few towels though lol


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