22 August 2011

Secret Soul Society

Secret soul society logo

Secret Soul Society are a London based label that produce rock inspired tshirts and bags. With their trademark moustache logo and skull emblazoned tees they have a very masculine/festival appeal however their tees are actually unisex...which means us girlie's can rock the moustache with style!!

They currently have 3 styles of tees and a bag in the collection, but the one i tried was the Edward variety!

Secret soul society moustache tshirt

Secret soul society tshirt
The Edward comes in a lovely charcoal grey colour with the trademark moustache and skull on the front. The tee comes in a lovely soft to touch fabric, i had the M size version (comes in a medium or large) - I'm a size 10-12 on top but thankfully it didn't drown me.

As i don't normally wear tshirts this baggy i thought the perfect styling would be a la festival ...so teamed it with a pair of shorts, my trusty hat and boots!!

Myself wearing the tshirt

Full pic of Skull tshirt
I have to say i really like it, easy to wear and loved the rock inspired logo - perfect festival style attire. It was actually hard going keeping my other half away from it as he said he loved the design.. a sharable item of clothing...I like that idea!!

Overall this is a nice little label which i can see easily gathering a bit of a cult following. There are more designs on the way but for now if you wish to grab yourself one of the tees you can head over to their site here. And they are also selling the tees and bags on the Big Cartel here.

Want to keep updated on all things Secret Soul Society are up to - then check their Facebook page here.Pin It

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