11 January 2012

Amazing Product alert - Balm Balm face balm cleared my eczema

Balm Balm face balm
Theres nothing better than discovering a product that turns out to do more than its original job description...and Balm Balm Face balm has done just that.

Just over 2 weeks ago for some unknown reason i developed a patch of eczema under one of my eyes. It was red, sore, rough, couldn't cover it with make up....and well just looked horrible. I tried the usual eczema creams, which were OK but didn't seem to do anything. It was then i started searching round the bathroom to see if i had anything hidden in the mounds of products i had in the bathroom....and there it was my little tube of Balm Balm.

Multi purpose and contains tea tree oil.....can't hurt to give it a go....so i put some under my eye before going to bed. In the morning i noticed that the horrible redness had in fact calmed down a fair bit, so i put the balm on again and did so several times through the day. Amazingly the eczema started clearing up....i started out this this red ring under my eye...and horrible rough skin...after several days of applying Balm Balm...the ring had almost vanished and the rough texture to my skin has just about returned to normal!!

I have to say I'm totally gobsmacked at how quick it worked on the eczema, i just wasn't expecting it...i tried it out of desperation and I'm sooooo glad I did. Because of the amazing results i now carry this little miracle tube around with me in case of any other weird eczema flair ups!!

Now I'm not saying this would work for everyone.....and mine was only a small patch...but in my opinion this Balm is fantastic and it saved me from looking like a freak for weeks on end....and for that i love it!!

The best thing is, this little balm only costs £6.99........

So there you go...i just felt the need to shout about my experience.....this is one of my 'must have' products now..100% natural and organic,  and for once actually does something!!

Balm Balm i can't thank you enough!!!

If you fancy trying Balm Balm for yourself check out their website...http://balmbalm.com/organic-skincare/tea-tree-face-balm.htmlPin It

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  1. ive heard good stuff about the balm balm may have to give it a go especially at such a low price!


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