24 January 2012

L'oreal Everpure -Sulphate free hair care

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Iv had these products for a while but completely forgot to blog about them. L'Oreal Paris have just  launched a new Hair Expertise collection called Everpure.....whats so different about this range.....well its the UK's first major hair care range that is actually sulphate free!!

L'oreal Everpure haircare

Now there has been sulphate free products before however they do have a tendency not to lather that well..well thankfully the same can't be said for this range,

Everpure has 3 different types of shampoo and conditioner sets, all specifically targeted for coloured hair: Volume, smooth and the one i have which is Moisture. Sulphate's are said to strip the colour from your hair....with the sulphate erased from the formula it helps to protect your colour and keep your hair in tip top condition.

The shampoo lathered extremely well.....which was a surprise and hair felt squeaky clean after......my favourite was the conditioner...on application through my hair it instantly feels super sleek and this continues through rinsing. Conditioner left my hair super soft...so really impressed with the results. Would i continue to buy this range.....the conditioner yes...for the way it left my hair feeling...the shampoo i could take it or leave it.

They retail for £5.99 each and also have other ranges such as Eversleek for frizzy hair and Everstrong for fragile/brittle hair. Sold in most major retailersPin It


  1. will these be available in boots or salons?

  2. As far as im aware stockists are currently Amazon, Boots and Superdrug.


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