6 February 2012

Next plays Cupids assistant!!


Yes time is running out to get that special someone a gift for Valentines!! Are you still panicking over what to buy?? Want to impress that amazingly hot date but have absolutely no inspiration or ideas of what to get...then fear no longer.......Next is here to solve all your problems!!

Next have created a rather nifty gift and outfit selector specially for people like you!! Need gift inspiration then simply answer a few easy questions and like magic the gift app will come up with gift ideas suited to that particular person!

The same with the outfit......want to impress but your wardrobe is looking tired....simply answer the apps questions and 'tada' your dream date outfit is sorted!!

The best thing about next is you can order up to 9pm that day and it will be guaranteed delivery by the very next day...perfect for that last minute rush.

So what you waiting for.....give the app a go below and give that special someone a valentines day to remember!!

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