15 February 2012

Review - Neil & Wolf - 5 steps to fantastic hair!

Neal and Wolf logo

Neil & Wolf is a hairbrand created by Neil Capstick who has worked in the industry for over 20 years. Their brand consists of 10 products that are retailed in both salons and their own online shop.
The brand ethos is a blend of the professional with a huge dose of glamour but also affordability. Their products not only focus on the performance but also the fragrance, so much so they commissioned a fragrance house to develop a fragrance specifically for them.

The products I'm reviewing are basically 5 steps to fabulous hair -
  • Daily Cleansing Shampoo - £10.95
  • Intensive Care Treatment Conditioner - £12.95
  • Volumising Lotion - £11.95
  • Hold & Shine Spray - £11.95
  • Super Shine Spray - £11.95

Neal and wolf haircare collection

Each product is grouped into different areas depending on what they do....so the shampoo is 'Ritual', the hold and shine spray is 'Fix' etc. They also sell collections where you get a trio of products presented in a gift pack.

The different thing about this brand is they are not targeted to different hair types, every product can be used on any type of hair......now as i normally go for products targeted to coloured hair, i was interested to see how this 'one for all' approach would work!

Neil and Wolf Hair collection

Daily Cleansing Shampoo (Ritual)
Firstly the packaging - the whole product range has a fairly simple yet professional looking design that wouldn't look out of place in any salon.

The shampoo is designed to cleanse the hair and is an infusion of silk and milk proteins along with Shea extract which helps to boost moisture, prevent the dreaded flyaway hair syndrome and leave you with shiny hair.

Now considering they enlisted a fragrance house i was expecting quite a heady smell but was quite surprised to find that the fragrance overall is quite subtle. Its hard to describe - slightly musky with almost a slight masculine feel to it...really quite nice!!

The shampoo lathered well and i definitely had that squeaky clean feel after i rinsed. All in all positive so far..

Intensive Care Treatment ( Harmony)
So onto the conditioning treatment, which is designed to repair damaged hair. Being a more intensive treatment you can leave this on your hair for between 3 - 5 mins. Application is easy and after rinsing my hair felt slick and tangle free. After towel drying my hair was noticeably soft - so big gold star there.....so onto the drying phase.

Volumising Lotion ( Elevate)
Now i don't normally use volumising lotion as i have pretty thick hair to begin with. As I'm a habitual straightener of my hair i normally use serums etc, but the lotion does improve manageability and texture so was interested to see how it would work with my type of hair. You only need to apply a small amount through towel dried hair...you then can use a round brush to gain volume whilst drying. The product is quite light so didn't weigh my hair down like some products can.Now as i don't need volume, i just brushed mine through ready for straightening....once dry my hair felt soft and wasn't the usual frizz ball i normally end up with.Its hard for me to review this product fully as i used it the opposite way its intended...but as far as the shine and manageability part were concerned....it did just that.

I must add though that straightening was a doddle, glided through easily and left my hair feeling super smooth with a hint of shine...not bad at all!!

Hold & Shine Spray (Fix)
This is basically a hairspray which also intensifies shine. Its not an aerosol spray but actually a pump action one so you have to be careful with application as its a targeted spray. Now out of all the products the fragrance in the sprays is much stronger and left my hair smelling yummy. The spray gives a natural hold without feeling too sticky and it does add a slight shine to you hair. But If its super shine you want then go for the final product....

Super Shine Spray (Glow)
I would describe this as a cross between a serum spray and a shine enhancer. Its an incredibly light spray but a little goes a long way...it instantly smooths down and separates hair and leaves it looking polished and healthy......Tip: you must be careful not to get carried away and apply to much of this as you could end up with slightly greasy looking hair. It made my red hair 'zing' in the light and look super smooth which is what I'm after...so this little bottle is definitely my best mate now!!

Overall i was pretty happy with the whole set...shampoo and conditioner left my hair clean and soft which is what I'm after.....though my only concern is colour fade, as i always tend to use products geared to protect and enhance my coloured hair, would these work just as well?...we'll have to wait and see!!. 

As i mentioned previously, i  wouldn't normally go for a volumising lotion such as this one...however that said , it does work rather well as a smoothing lotion and did make straightening very easy for me. The little shine spray was my favourite...gave great results, left my hair feeling fantastic..and a little goes a long way....fabulous stuff!!

I would like to thank the lovely people at Neil & Wolf for letting my try their products and i look forward to see what they develop in the future!!

If you fancy trying Neal & Wolf for yourself contact them via their website to check for salon stockists or you can buy direct from their shop: http://www.nealandwolf.com/shop/Pin It

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