16 March 2012

Friday night indulgent nomming.....

Friday night is all about kicking back or excessiveness (is that a word).....and so i kicked back my evening with some delectable naughty nomming....in the shape of Philadelphia chocolate spread.....yes you heard...those purveyors of the creamy cheese variety have branched out into the heady world of chocolate....and i have to say its wickedly divine.....

Philadelphia chocolate spread

Philadelphia chocolate spread lid

Philadelphia chocolate spread open

Baguettes, biscuits even fruit dips...this stuff is amazing......its quite rich so you can't stuff down loads.....but smothered over a digestive biscuit....its like a little dabble of heaven....Friday night nomtastic!!!Pin It


  1. I heard about this yesterday! Think I'm going to have to give it a go : D Hang on...give us a dip on this Custard Cream ; ) xx

  2. Oooooh custard cream.... *puts that on her biscuits to be smothered with chocolate list*

  3. I really like this too. Handy for putting on top of cakes.

    I can easily eat it by itself, but, yesterday I had some on a cinnamon bagel ^_^

  4. Got the mini versions of these for school and there all lying in the back of the fridge,bit too sweet just not that gone on them think I'd rather nutella :D


  5. mmm yeah iv seen the mini versions.....yeah it is pretty rich...ok in small amounts!!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Everyone's been raving about this, think I need to give it a try xxx


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