6 March 2012

Jewellery by Jaymie

Jewellery by Jaymie logo
Jaymie O'Callaghan is an artist who merges her artistic skills with jewellery making to create a fusion of unique, hand drawn pieces of jewellery with no two pieces being the same.

Her inspiration derives from mainly the 60's icons such as Twiggy and Marilyn Monroe as well as whimsical characters, flowers and girlie sparkle.

Her collections contain super cute rings and unusual charm necklaces filled with her hand drawn images and tiny charms such as bottles .

Jewellery by Jaymie icons necklace

Jewellery by Jaymie icons necklace single

Jewellery by Jaymie icons

Jewellery by Jaymie unicorn ring

Prices range from about £3.50 for a ring up to £30 for a custom charm necklace - with each piece specially gift wrapped for delivery.

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these unique works of art then check out her online shop  http://jewellerybyjaymie.bigcartel.com and for up to date news you can also follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaymieOCPin It

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Her jewelry is amazing!!


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