22 March 2012

Ravensburger - 3D Puzzles

Now having 2 mini me's you can imagine my house is overrun with toys etc. My eldest is 11 so is really into building stuff, puzzles etc so when i was asked to try out a new type of puzzle my eldest was jumping up and down!

Ravensburger have developed a new range of 3D puzzles which adds an interesting dimension to the usual flat floor puzzles. The range allows you to recreate a whole 3d standing building with no glue...from Big Ben to the Empire State Building...which was the one we were asked to try.

Ravensburger 3D puzzle

The puzzle has 216 pieces which are made out of a light plastic....with some being hinged and curved to create corner pieces. Each piece is numbered and has an arrow on it showing the direction the pieces go in.

Ravensburger 3D puzzle pieces

The puzzle also has plastic floor levels as you get higher which act as a base for the pieces on each level.

So is it easy.......well no....firstly my son had a go for quite a while, just doing the base level took him quite sometime. The hinged pieces are quite fiddly to piece together..as the slightest too much pressure and it breaks. Now my son loves puzzles but he gave up after a while through frustration and passed it over to me.

I too sat there fiddling about with the hinged pieces just to get the first level done...almost in and bam.....the opposing wall fell down.......FRUSTRATING!!

We are not ones to be beaten and we are going to try it again...however we still haven't accomplished the full build.

This is a very tricky and time consuming puzzle...if you like a challenge, and don't mind taking your time then you will love this. You need a steady hand...as the frustration of a wall collapsing is unbearable. Once a level is completed and you have the next floor base on, it is very sturdy...its just completing the level you are on that's the tricky part.

The puzzle is good quality and price ranges from about £14 upwards dependent on where you purchase from. Its suitable for ages 10 and upwards.

Frustrating as it is....you do find yourself going back and giving it another go.....so you definitely get your moneys worth out of this product. You will probably find me doing a completion dance when we put the last piece in......ill then have to lock it away somewhere.....far away from any possibility of it being destroyed!!!
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