24 May 2012

Dinosaur delight.......

Schleich logo

Now having 2 mini me's you can imagine its toy central in our house...my youngest particulary is into cars, noterbikes (yes that N is meant to be there!!) and dinosaurs......and since theres news that Jurassic Park is set to be made in glorious 3D...there will be a stream of dinosaur products coming onto the market...and none better than the ones that Schleich are producing.

They have created a set of prehistoric characters......and the attention to detail is amazing...

Schleich dinosaurs

Schleich dinosaur

Schleich dinosaur 2

Solid and heavy so they will withstand any amount of play...some even have moving jaws. My youngest has hardly put them down....and will happily spend hours creating his own make believe dinosaur world!!

The collection is available from most well known toy retailers or online...with prices ranging from £6 - £18 per piece. Some are pricy but you are paying for a quality toy that will last a lifetime.

All in all a nice collection that every little boy will love...realistic looking, quality made and durable.Pin It

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