1 May 2012

Modiface Makeup App

Modiface logo

Modiface is a new virtual make up app which enables you to experiment with make up colours and hair styles. The one difference with this app over others is that it uses actual makeup brand colours such as MAC, Stila, Covergirl etc

The app is available free from the app store but there's also an upgrade option which gives you the added benefit of jewellery, accessories and a create your own shade option.

Modiface app

To start you can either use one of the preloaded model faces or you can upload one of your own direct from facebook.

Modiface in app splash

Modiface in app splash

You can then simply experiment with different areas on the face from eyes to lips to changing hair styles. When you select a colour of makeup the actual shade and brand of makeup appears on the screen..so gives you a fair representation of what it would look like on your face.

Once your happy with the overall look you can finalise it and up pops a split screen with a before and after shot along with a list of all the products you have used, with further options for you to either favourite them, map them or buy them.

I did try it with one of my own photos but i found that adjusting my face to work well with the app wasn't the easiest so just found it better to stick with the pre loaded models.

Would it be an app id choose to use....id say no, I'm quite adventurous with make up colours and i know what works and what doesn't for me, so haven't really got a need for such an app. I would say this would appeal to the much younger market...still experimenting with colours, working out what looks right...this is ideal, plus the addition that it uses actual real products is also a bonus.

If you fancy downloading the app for yourself just head on over to the App store via your IPhone/Ipod/Ipad or via ITunes online. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/makeup/id314603460?mt=8

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