14 May 2012

Product lust...Urban Decay's Build your own Palette

Urban Decay logo

My current want of the day....(even though i have enough eye shadow to sink a battleship)..is Urban Decay's fab build your own palette eye shadow sets.

Urban decay build your own palatte eye set
There are currently 68 shades in the collection......and £14 will buy you the eye palette case and one eye shadow. Each individual shadow is then priced at £14 each. Simply buy the shadow, pop out of its case and pop into your palette......fab!!!

The colours are vibrant, exciting and fun...with shades to suit everyone!!! Totally loving this set!!

Urban decay eye shades
Urban Decay eye shades part 2
 If you fancy bagging one yourself it is available from various online retailers....Grab it while you can!!!

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  1. It would cost £84 to fill it!! Cool idea but far too expensive I think. x

  2. I know...thats the downside...such a cool idea...but i think they have priced the shadows a bit too high....i believe its a limited edition product..so perhaps thats the reason for the price hike!!

  3. very nice colour of shadows. i really want it.


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