31 July 2012

Are you Sun Savvy??

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So following on from my recent post about the new sunscreen laws changing i came across a blog called Sunsavvy...Created by Danielle and Alison , their collective experience of skin cancer scares prompted them both to start a blog campaign to bring awareness of the dangers of tanning and to try and change the ongoing mind set that tanned is the best way to be.!!

My friends who have known me the longest have always known iv never tanned.......i am literally a ghost.....and bloody proud of it i have to say!! Any hint of the sunshine and i slap on my factor 50 ready to venture out.......iv been constantly mocked for my almost obsessive need to put on protection...not just on me but on my kids as well!! 

Suntan lotion

My daily sun ritual!!!

Why did i start........well it was in my early teens....being fair skinned.....i just used to end up burned everytime id venture out.....fed up with walking around with bright red cheeks and arms i just made a conscious decision that tanning wasn't and never will be for me....so started with the high protection.

Another reason...well iv seen first hand what cancer can do....having lost both my parents to the disease.....though not skin cancer.....its made me incredibly aware and cautious of the disease..........you understand my obsessiveness now?

So anyway i just wanted to praise Danielle and Alison for raising the awareness and for sharing their experiences on the blog. Hopefully it will get alot more people thinking and encourage them to wear higher protection in future!!

Im wearing the Sunsavvy badge on my blog.......if you too want to sign the pledge , wear the badge and support the blog then pop on over to Sunsavvy and don't forget to spread the word!!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)

    Now following you back! You have a great blog, some really interesting posts.

    Laura xx

  2. Not a problem......u have a fab blog too.....thanks for stopping by xxx

  3. I'm glad to hear about SPF laws changing so its easier to understand how much protection a product offers. I've never been much of a sun worshipper, I tend to just stick with bronzer and fake tan, so much safer too. I think a lot of makeup with 'added spf' doesnt offer half the protection it says, so will be interesting to know how they re market their products x

    1. mmm yeah i know what you mean with regards to makeup.....think these laws are gonna be a huge shake up for that market as they cant hide.....if they are claiming a certian SPF they have to be tested to prove it!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you lost both your parents to cancer. I can totally see why you would be obsessed with sun care. Both of my parents found out they had cancer (prostate and lymphoma) at the same exact time last year. Luckily they bought caught it early but as cautious as I am now, I can imagine you would be even more so.

    xo Niki

    1. Aw thanks lovely......and sorry to hear about your parents too....so glad that they caught it in time....neither of my parents even admitted they were ill until it was too late.....and as i lived away i had no clue of what was going on!! Different era and way of thinking i suppose!!

  5. I just stumbled across the sun savvy site, too! thank you for helping spread awareness about skin cancer.

    1. No problem......it is sad it takes a scare like that to make people sit up and take notice!!

  6. Hey dear I just give u an award, it's liebster! please check this: http://rheapunya.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-award.html

    thanks :)

  7. Miss Rhea.......thanks so much for the award!! so lovely of u.....thanks chic....i shall get working on my response xxx


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