26 July 2012

Fashion label desire - House of Wilde

House of wilde logo

Scrolling through the pages of Chictopia and fawning over the amazing outfits....i finally stopped to drool over this dress from the rather fabulous Blogger Agogofashion ....how amazing is this dress!!! ...such a fantastic shot as well!!

House of Wilde dress

The dress in question is from a little Australian brand called House of Wilde.

They are a rather bohemian style brand, relatively still new to the scene debuting in 2011. The designer behind House of Wilde is Alice McCall who designs the most amazing floaty, feminine, chic and edgy fashion.

House of wilde maxi

House of wilde sheer maxi

Sheer three quarter maxi

House of wilde collection

Orange maxi

House of wilde floral collection

Housw of wilde safari dress

House of Wilde Monchrome

Prices range from about £59 up to £149 for a dress and they do have their own online shop via their website however you can find certain niche sites stocking the brand such as Frank and Doll .

If you fancy keeping updated you can follow then via Facebook or Twitter for more info.

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  2. no problemo lovely...thanx for saying hello xx u have a fab blog...keep up the good work xx

  3. Thanks for following my blog :) Great post, I love the boho patterns.

    Lilla x


  4. Some of those dresses are stunning, now subbed to your blog

  5. wow I love the long dresses they are so flowing and feminine!
    Thankyou so much for following my blog sweetie,
    of course i had to follow yours so informative and your posts are great!

    Love Ellie xoxo



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