20 July 2012

Im in the iFabbo Top 50 UK Fashion/beauty blogs

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Its a sunny Friday Morning and i just found out that IFabbo has listed my blog in the top UK 50 Fashion and Beauty blogs to watch and learn from!!!

Im absolutely chuffed.....there's blogs listed in there that are amazing and well established....and little old me makes the list.......really really pleased!!

Its really nice to know that what you write is of interest to people.....and to say mine is one to watch....well.....it feels really good!!

So thank you to anyone that has taken the time and effort to read and follow my blog!! What a fab way to start my weekend.....thank you iFabbo!!Pin It


  1. Well done you, that's fab! :D


    1. Thanks lovely...im really chuffed xxx Nice to know your hard work is recognised xx

  2. aw thanks lovely....much appreciated xx


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