9 August 2012

Colour Bug Hair Shadow

Colour bug hair chalk

Any ideas what this thing may be?

This is infact the new wave in hair colouring called the Colour Bug.

The colour bug gives you 'wipe on, wipe off' colour!  Intense colour just for fun and just for one night. Simply pop a towel round your shoulders, wack on a hair product first, such as hairspray and then add the Colour bug to make it stick. Not only does it add a flash of colour but also gives your hair body.

Its available in orange, purple and pink!!

Fancy some yourself, you can get it direct from his website or via Amazon.

For a full masterclass of how to apply this - check out this podcast

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  1. This product sounds really cool :)
    How much are they?

  2. They are retailing for £11.95 at the moment on Amazon!!


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