20 August 2012

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Are you a blogger on Pinterest? Do you fancy joining an open contribution group to enable you to pin and promote your latest blog posts to other bloggers. Iv created a Bloggers 'Post it' board which is open to anyone via invite. Its a great way to promote your blog and gain new followers plus find new blogs to follow as well. 

To get an invite simply follow my account http://www.pinterest.com/toxycat 
and i will follow back (just drop me a message below to let me know you pinterest name) - i can then forward you an invite to join my board. You are then free to invite others to join simply by clicking edit on the board and then put the name of the pinner in the 'Add' section and click add

An invite will then be sent out, once they accept they will be able to post to the board and invite others.

The board is brand new so lets get the message out there and get as many bloggers on board as possible.

If you have any questions just comment below....look forward to your pins xx

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  1. great idea!my pinterest name is tbeautyxx will follow your board now :)

  2. Fab....just followed and invited you.....feel free to pin as you please and add any other bloggers you know on there!!

  3. This is such a clever idea! My pinterest is http://pinterest.com/glittertips22/ xx

  4. Fabulous...just followed your boards...just follow me back and ill be able to send you the invite...then just pin away!!

  5. I just followed you on pinterest. http://pinterest.com/megamegalolz/ - That's me.
    I'm new to it and am still figuring it out.

  6. No problem...iv just sent you an invite to the board....once you accept you will then be able to pin any pics related to your blog to that board. If you have any problems just ask xx

  7. Great idea I use pinterest for the most part but I don't have any particular blog related pins just yet great idea. I followed my name on there is BeautyFlawedAsh

    Thanks for stopping by my blog via the blog hop happy to follow you back here!

  8. Fab...just sent you an invite on Pinterest for the board....just pin what you want and feel free to invite others....simply click edit on the board and then add the Pinterest names of the people you want to invite. xxx

  9. Great idea!!! My name is browneyebeautie. New follower!!!!

  10. Hello there,

    FAB,FAB website! :) Please add me as contributor to your board - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/sparkastrology/. Any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

    Many thanks,
    Marilena x

  11. I just wanted to say thank you for the add! I look forward to contributing and sharing pins from other amazing bloggers!


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Toxy xxx

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