24 August 2012

Technokit Rivetz Review

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This is my second of 4 toy reviews that i have been kindly asked to test.....well not me personally but my 2 very willing mini testers!!
This range is a brand new one from Technokit aimed at boys aged between 6-12 called Rivetz. Rivetz are an exclusive new way to build 3D models by simply using just pre cut card and a Rivetz gun. There are 3 different models to collect and build, a dragon, a giant hornet and the one we tested out which was a racing car.
Rivetz car

Rivetz contents

The set comes with full instructions, gun, plastic rivets and sheets of pop out pre cut parts to build your model. I gave this to my 11 year old to test and basically left him to his own devices to see how he got on.

The instructions are clear giving you step by step images of what you need to put together and which pieces to use. It started off relatively easy however as you start to put together the 3d effect parts and rivet them he did find it tricky to hold the pieces together whilst using the gun to set the Rivet in place. Now Jake is 11 and needed assistance with this...i really can't imagine how a 6 year old could handle building this on their own.

Having said that as the model starting taking shape he was then able to do alot more by himself and the bonus was it kept him occupied for ages. In fact he did it over 2 sessions due to the first bit being so fiddly. In the end you should have a model that looks like this.

Rivetz final car

I have to say the end result does look pretty impressive and is alot bigger than we thought it would be. Due to it being made out of card its perfect to then hang in a window or from the ceiling in your bedroom so you can display it in all its glory. The other alternative is to take it apart and do it all over again.

All in all its a quite a good kit, it is a bit fiddly and they will need a bit of help putting it together but the end result looks great, keeps them busy and is something a bit different than your average building kit. I would say however i think its better suited to the age range 8-12 due to the overall instructions and also the putting together of it.

The kit is available for £12 which i think is great value: you can purchase via one of the links above but will shortly be available at all the usual toy outlets.

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