1 September 2012

AppGear Elite Commander AR Review

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So anyone thats got an iPod Touch or iPhone knows that theirs a ridiculous amount of gaming apps out in the marketplace, each one competing to bring that little something different to the game......step forward AppGear who have done just that. Their aim is to bring the games to life by way of accessories and characters that work in conjunction with your iPod/Iphone.

Elite Commander AR is just one of the collection.

App gear elite commander

App gear set

App gear app gun

Elite Commander gives a general 'save the planet from aliens' game a brand new virtual twist. The pack contains an alien interactive pistol, iPod mount and 2 x AR markers. 

To play the game you need to first download the app which is available from the Apple store. Once downloaded you simply attach the mount to the gun and then attach you iPod to the mount. Once the app is loaded and gameplay begins the gun gives you first person immersive controls......so basically you move the gun round the room and the viewpoint pans and tilts to react to your movement...as if you were there in the room yourself. You them simply search and aim the gun to shoot the aliens.

The 2 x AR cards turn into a portal once the gun is pointed at them or instead you may accept a mission. The game has multiple modes including training, AR battle and campaign.There is also a 2 player coop mode so you can battle it out with a friend.

So does it work......well yes to a point. The screen reaction and pan and tilt work really well and you do feel immersed into the game, however at certain points the app tended to crash..so we never got very far in the game. This is obviously an app fault which is in need of attention. We have tried several times now to get past a certain point and it crashes everytime. Bit of a disappointment as my son really enjoyed it. Hopefully this will be resolved with an app update so we will keep trying. 

Apart from that the concept is good.....ideal gift for the iPod gamer, plus there's a huge selection of other games to choose from. In fact i did buy my son the Zombie Burbz High pack and it works perfectly. The packs are available for approx £19.99 but if you head on over to Amazon now they are currently selling them for just £9.99

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