25 October 2012

Review: Kadria Balancing Face Oil

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Kadria Skincare is a lovely little company that specialise in natural skincare products for pregnancy, mother and baby. They produce 100% natural, certified organic handmade products that contain essential oils, waxes and vegetable oils all sourced from fairly trade sources. The ingredients are specially selected to benefit both mother and babies sensitive skin. As their products are so fresh they produce them in small batches and are packaged in recyclable glass bottles.
Kadria have a core set of 5 products:
Plus a small range of cute travel packs and gift sets. The product i trialed was the Balancing Face oil with Blackseed and Palmarosa.
Kadria skin oil

This little bottle of oil contains no less than 17 vegetal and essential oils and is perfect for dealing with hormonal skin problems, signs of ageing and  pregnancy and non pregnancy related acne.

kadria balancing skin oil

Kadria ingredients

 The oil contains a base of Blackseed oil, Chia seed oil, Palmarosa along with Neroli and Frankincense which help regenerate the skin. The core blackseed oil is used widely in the Middle East to treat conditions such a eczema and psoriasis. The essential oils help control sebum production. This fantastic combination makes it perfect for targeting dry skin.

Kadria bottle pipette

To use the oil simply apply just a few drops to slightly damp skin in an upwards circular motion. Now iv never really been a huge facial oil user.....some iv found have been a tad greasy and haven't really left my skin feeling much better so have always pretty much stuck to the good old fashioned cream. Iv used this everyday now since iv had it and i have to say this little bottle has completely won me over.

First of all you literally only need a couple of drops so the bottle is going to last me ages. Secondly it sinks into the skin really well and does not leave that greasy/shiny faced residue that some oils can give you.
Thirdly my skin feels the softest its been in ages....cheek strokingly soft...which is what i keep doing since iv been using it.

Iv always had a tendency to have dry skin but the combination of ingredients in this oil have waved goodbye to that feeling leaving me with the soft feeling skin you always crave for

Long term benefits can only be good and this oil is most definitely worth its £24 price tag.

Over the course of my blogging career i have uncovered some fabulous hidden gems and this one would have to be in my top ten no question.

A huge thank you to Kadria skincare for letting me sample their fabulous face oil xx


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