4 November 2012

Slimavite - Day 1 done

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So yes after being away all week i finally got to start my Slimavite Bloggers Challenge yesterday. I'm doing the 3 week rapid weight loss plan which states you could lose about a stone if you follow the plan.

The diet is split up into bites which equal about 200 calories - on this plan I'm only allowed 4 per day......that's an 800 calorie allowance!!...yep i know...painful!!...but its 3 weeks..its a challenge...and as i eat pretty healthy anyway its not as if I'm going to be swapping back to burgers as soon as its finished...its going to kick start my weight loss which is what i need.

So how did my first day go.....well ok really..thankfully the shakes actually taste alright which is a massive bonus seeing as I'm going to be having 2 a day..(ask me the same question in a week and i may not be as enthusiastic)

They do actually fill you up and i didn't feel the need to reach for a snack or anything which was good. Evening meal i had white fish with grilled baby tomatoes (recipe taken from the website) and then some lightly stir fried crunchy veg. The evening is the toughest....id say about 8pm i started to feel quite hungry...but i didn't succumb thankfully..well apart from a stick of celery!!

By the way - start weight was 10 stone 12

So I'm now onto day 2.....just had my first shake  and will report back in a few days 
on my progress.

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  1. Hmm. You do know to stay healthy you're meant to consume at least 1500 calories to get enough vitamins and minerals and to keep weight off. I can see a relapse happening once you stop and putting the weight back on. I'm rather skeptical on this! I'll still to my Skinny Sprinkles. Lol. Good luck! I hope it works for you.

    1. Yep it was a bit of a shock when i found out the calorie count for the day, but iv agreed to do this as a trial and a challenge to find out if its worth all the hype and if the weighloss is sustainable after you finish the course.

      Will keep u posted xx


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