5 December 2012

Join the Pinterest Bloggers board

Any of you lovely bloggers out there also Pinterest addicts? Then why not combine your love of the 2 and join my bloggers Pinterest board.
With already several bloggers on board it gives you the chance to promote your latest blog
post to other bloggers......and in turn find other amazing blogs to read.
Pinterest Bloggers board
If you want an invite to the board either leave a comment below with your Pinterest ID or just leave a message on the pin iv linked below.

Pin It


  1. Ha! I need a Pinterest Anonymous club, too! I swear sometimes I think I will just take a quick look and before I know a whole hour has gone by!

  2. I haven't really grasped the concept just yet lol

    New follower, follow back?


  3. I'm very addicted to pinterest! I made a new account just related to my blog and its already growing by the day! My ID is CharharrBlog :)

    Char x


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