7 February 2013

Tech Review - Emobox wearable USBs

Ok hands up how many of you have multiple USB's, hands up again if you can actually remember where the hell you put them......exactly, you never can. USB's...yes they are small, yes they are portable, and yes they are damn easy to lose and misplace. But fear not.... the clever bods over at Emobox have come up with a cunning solution....combining fashion with tech by creating wearable USB flash drives.
Emobox wearable USBs and cards
The range contains 4 main products, The Little Bijou flash drive pendentLa Pomme Drive and the 2 I'm reviewing the wallet drive and the Memory Strap.
Emobox wearable USBs and cards

Emobox USB cards

Emobox USB cards

Firstly the Wallet Drive. Basically does what it says on the tin. Sleek and slim
design that fits into any wallet or card holder. Simple flick out function which has a handy 8GB capacity enabling you to store loads of files/pictures etc. Perfect travel companion and great for when you need to do an emergency data transfer when your camera or phone gets too full!! Fast data transfer and come in a selection of quirky designs...a snip at just £12.

Emobox USB Wristband

Emobox USB wristband

Emobox USB wristband

The Memory Strap is perfect for those constantly on the move. Simple unisex design in a variety of colours and printed slogans. Clickable USB feature that again contains a massive 8GB of storage and 2.0 platform enabling for fast data transfer. Say goodbye to USB hunting, this is right where you need it and where you can see it....on your wrist!! Again this is priced at just £12.

Emobox are a cute collaboration of tech and fashion with simple, handy and wearable solutions. Available direct from the Emobox website with free UK delivery.
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