27 February 2013

Venus and Olay Razor Review

Venus and Olay logo

So as part of the current Savvycircle project I'm involved in i got to try the latest brand partnership of Venus and Olay, who have combined together to create the ultimate razor.

Venus Olay blades

Venus Olay Blades

So exactly whats special about this Venus/Olay razor over others....well its all about the moisture strips..not just one but two of them. The strips are infused with skin conditioners which means you can wave goodbye to your shaving cream...simply wet legs and away you go!! 

With the double moisture strips the head is pretty bulky, but fear not, this thing glides like a bird over your skin...it literally feels like your not even shaving....in fact i wasn't even sure at first if it was actually doing anything.....but it is....and the skin conditioners leave your skin feeling lovely and smooth....really impressed!! My only tip would be to make sure you have a razor holder as if you lay this face down on the bathside....the strips tend to dry out and stick to the bath...not great!!

There is another downside.....the price!! If you looking at getting the Venus/Olay razor set with shower holder it will set you back about £10.99. To just get the blades alone and were talking a pack of 6 here.....your talking just over £20!! ouch........

Along with the razor I was also sent a sample of the Olay Essentials Complete Care Multiradience Fluid. The moisturiser is light and contains SPF 15 as well as light reflecting particles that give your skin a  healthy glow.

Wasn't hugely wowed by this cream to be honest....its fine for day to day use, and your skin does feel soft immediately after application however for me it just didn't seem to last and my skin started to feel dry again after a while. I do have fairly dry skin anyway so much prefer more intensive versions to help combat the dryness. I would say this would be perfect for normal skin, easy to use, non greasy and with the added protection of the SPF15 making it perfect for the spring/summer months (if we get any sunshine that is). Think i need something with just a little more oomph to be honest!!

The Fluid is available for about £7.99

So have any of you tried the new razor yet...let me know if you have, and if you haven't  would you be prepared to pay so much for a razor?
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  1. Wow that is expensive... xx


    1. Yeah tell me about it! £20 for 6 blades is ridiculous....it does work really well but i think ill stick to the old Venus to be honest

  2. I am doing this project with savvy circle to!

    Sita xx

    1. ooh yey!! what have you thought about it so far?

  3. Don't think I would want to spend that on a razor xx

    ide love if you checked out my blog x :) 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I saw these half price in boots yesterday, a much better price
    Kirsty x



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