26 March 2013

Fast Dry Nails with Ultimate Fix

The Ultimate Fix Can close up

Now if your anything like me....waiting for nails to dry drives you insane, i personally don't have the time nor the patience to just sit and wait for them. Step forward 'The Ultimate Fix' by Beauty Narcotix, the answer to all busy girls prayers.

The Ultimate Fix basically dries and protects nails in minutes and offers chip proof resistance, UV protection and is able to be used on all types of polishes, base coats and top coats 
(except Gel). 

The Ultimate Fix Spray

The Claim
The Ultimate Fix claims to dry base, enamel and top coats quickly as well as leaving nails stronger and more protected against chips.

First Impressions
The can has a a weirdly masculine feel about it probably due to the red and black colours of the design...which is strangely ironic really as the fragrance of the spray is quite reminiscent of a male body spray....(I'm talking old school Lynx etc), which i have to say i really didn't mind as its not in any way overpowering and was pleasant enough.

How to use
To use the spray for best results simply apply a base coat of polish, give the can a good shake
and then spray over your nails from about 30cm away. 
You then simply repeat this for each coat. 

When you spray it over your nails it does feel quite wet but it does evaporate pretty quickly. I found that it takes about 2-3 mins for it to dry properly and what i did really like is the lovely sheen you get on your polish which does last pretty well. 

Another thing i noticed is it extends the polishes staying power...ie its not as easy to chip which again is fantastic for me with not alot of time on my hands....so that normal 2 days nail job can now easily last a good 4 or 5.

Overall this is quite a nice product and if you do your nails alot this is practically a god send as it cuts your drying time down by half. Currently the spray comes in a trade size 200ml which is targeted at salons, hence the £17 price tag. I have heard however that they are in the process of launching a smaller 50ml version which should be available at the end of April, this will retail at a more affordable £10 so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Orders can be done directly via the website. For further details of the launch of the new size check out their Facebook or Twitter pages. 

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  1. That is quite a hefty price tag xx


  2. Yep there has been quite a few comments about that on other reviews. However they do say that a 200ml can could last you about a year. The smaller version will be out in April.

  3. This is really interesting and if I was really into nails I would get it to try. I think the 200ml offers much better value for money than the smaller version but that would good for taking on holiday with you

    Great post!




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