15 March 2013

Google Readers demise - What to do next

Google takeout

So in case you've had your head buried in the sand you would of heard about the news that Google are retiring the Reader function in July.....Google's reasoning behind this was 'usage decline' apparently!! 

I have to admit i could see this coming, it was only a matter of time before we saw the full demise of services such as this....and even though its not been mentioned as yet its only a matter of time before the GFC function goes dark, plus its quite obvious all focus is to push everyone to utilise the Google + platform......so with millions of bloggers out there already panicking about follower and follow lists..is there a solution? Well yes there is.

Blog Lovin has stepped up to the plate to rescue our readers. Blog Lovin has always been there for us but always in the constant shadow of GFC which has been the widget of choice for most bloggers. With this recent announcement Blog lovin has stepped in to offer a simple solution to the blogger panic which is now ensuing (very clever move). 

Whats the solution
Well firstly Google have a service called Google Takeout which allows you to make a back up of all your Google services including reader. You can then upload the files to whichever feed reader tool you wish to swap over to.

How to back up with Google Takeout

    Go Google Takeout's Reader page and click the Create Archive button. ( if you want to select the services you want to back up, just click the 'choose services' button first

Once you click 'create archive' It'll start building a file with all your feeds.
Once it's finished, click the Download button that appears to get your subscriptions.
Open the ZIP file you just downloaded and go through the folders inside. 

Inside the Reader folder, you should see a file called subscriptions.xml. 
Extract that to your desktop.
Open up your new feed reader of choice, head into its settings, and find the Import option. Select it, and choose the subscriptions.xml file you just extracted. All of your feeds should appear in your new reader.
If you choose to go over to Blog Lovin they have a nifty little imput tool set up on their site which does it automatically for you. Theres the option to upload OPML/XML files or you can choose the Google reader option and Blog Lovin will take over the management of your data in Reader.....simple as!! All your subscriptions etc are now safe x

There are loads of other RSS services out there....just a few of the front runners are below:

A magazine type app which connect to your reader. They have already announced a plan of action for the Google Reader demise and have stated that if you sign up with your Google reader account before the 1st July your feeds will automatically transfer to their own impending RSS feed service.

Yes Twitter can actually be used as an RSS service. To do this you need to create a separate account, follow the sites you wish to follow then browse the feeds on Twitters website. Be warned though as Twitter are cracking down somewhat on third party API's so theres no guarantee certain apps are safe.

Owned by Linkedin with a feed that focuses on picture tiles. A standalone RSS service that gives you manual selection of your favourite sources.Downside is Pulse no longer offers direct import from your old Google reader feeds.

One of the front runners in the game...connects to a large range of social networks such as Twitter, Google+ etc. Downside is doesn't offer a desktop version.....its on IOS or Android only.

Nice easy to use layout with the ability to enter feeds manually or import them from Google Reader. Links up to your social networks as well.

For MAC users out there this is one of the best however it does rely on Google Reader for its feeds. They do they have a plan already in action to cover the demise of the Reader in July though.

Digg have just announced they will be building a RSS reader to replace Googles one. They have even posted their own countdown clock which marks the date and time of Google Readers demise and i assume the launch of their own version.

 So there you go....don't get caught short before the deadline in July. Back up now just to be safe. As for GFC.....prepare for its demise and go with Blog Lovin.....or just embrace the circles of Google +
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  1. thanks so much for this post you've cleared up a lot for me. I've +1ed and am going to share it on Twitter if thats ok? Everyone should read this! x

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