19 March 2013

Popband you hair with Mollymabel

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So we all do it....yep, that shabby hairband we have stuck on our wrist.....i admit i do it allot ..and nine out of ten times it ain't the prettiest or coolest looking object on my wrist.....and that's where Popband by Molly Mabel steps in. Created by 2 shopaholics who wanted a solution for the shabby wristwear, they created a simple and fun hairband that not only looked allot better but also doesn't dent or kink your hair and doesn't rip it either.

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They come in a multitude of colours and designs, some with gems on as in the picture above and some just plain. The prices range from just £5 for an individual band up to £6 for 
a twin or multi pack. 

I have to admit i did worry at first that they weren't going to be stretchy enough as i felt they wouldn't twist up tight enough to hold my hair up....but i was wrong...they do!

Its a fun and simple idea of which i think will appeal to everyone but especially young girls!! ....Wearable hairbands...why haven't we thought of this before!!

For more info on everything Molly Mabel why not follow their Twitter or Facebook pages and keep your eyes peeled for the 1D competition
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  1. These look ace, I always walk round with a hairband on my wrist

  2. I really like these, would make such a nice change to the scrunchies that I use xx


  3. Oooo what a cute idea! I am forever wearing hairbands round my wrist, at least with these they will be pretty ones :)


  4. What? This is the best idea ever! I always have a hairband around my wrist and it never goes with anything I'm wearing =(


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