8 March 2013

Skinny Sprinkles

Skinny sprinkles box

So yes ....another day, another diet. Goal this time....Ibiza trip 2 in July. Skinny Sprinkles had been on my radar for a while so took the plunge last week (due to a special offer on) and bagged myself a box of 21 sachets (Normal RP: £24.95)

The box arrived just a few days later (fits through the letterbox so gold star there!), firstly i need to comment on the packaging...as i absolutely love it..its retro, its eye catching, very girlie....gives a more fun feel to dieting...as lets face it, some diet products take themselves WAY too seriously!!

skinny sprinkles sachets

skinny sprinkles

The science bit!!
So how do they work? Well the main aim is not as a meal supplement as such but more as a appetite suppressant  They contain something called glucomannan which when you swallow it and it hits your stomach, it immediately swells to form a gel thus your stomach reacts thinking that its food and you begin to feel full. 

The sprinkles are just 21 calories per sachet, have a prebiotic action and are also gluten free. They contain the equivalent of 37.5g of real strawberrys.

How to use
You take the Skinny Sprinkles as a instant drink with either water or milk. Simply pour the sachet into a glass and then add the water/milk and stir vigorously for about 30 seconds. Now its says the more you stir the thicker it gets.....i made that mistake when i tried it first in a shaker cup....i literally had a cup of froth...so id stick to a spoon. I think this is the part i found very hit and miss, the sprinkles don't seem to dissolve fully so you tend to be left with either lots of bits...or gloop at the bottom...so i tended to drink quickly and stir in between. 

Its sweet....not unbearable but not hugely enjoyable ( i couldn't have 3 a day put it that way). Another downside is they only come in one flavour and that's strawberry. 

Anyway, literally within about 5 mins of taking it you start feeling full, like iv just eaten a big meal....and it lasts...so you don't feel the need to snack, i wasn't reaching for a biscuit or a cheeky pack of crisps which is my downfall....i just wasn't hungry....so result as far as i was concerned.

Another bit i need to mention about these is that they also contain Gurana seed and caffeine which is designed to give you an energy boost. I would say if you are caffeine sensitive then it may not be suitable as iv seen a few reviews where people have stated they been affected by the high amounts of caffeine in it. (ie feeling buzzy etc)

Iv literally only been doing it a few days but its definitely curbed the amount I'm eating in a day. You can take either 1, 2 or 3 a day entirely dependent on how much weight you wish to lose. Now i currently switch between 1/2 a day for either breakfast or lunch and then have a healthy meal in the evening. Will i lose any weight remains to be seen.....so watch this space!!

Have any of you tried Skinny Sprinkles?? If so, did they work for you? Let me know, would love to hear your feedback.
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  1. Yeah, I can't take them before dinner because of the caffiene maakes me buzz too much when I'm trying to unwind. I usually have one around lunch time but sometimes I have a second in mid-afternoon. They make me feel stuffed more often than not, I tend to have them with milk. The old formula was way more gritty! I empty them in to water/milk, stir it while I'm doing it and once it's all in, drink it right away, it's still liquid, not that gritty and goes down, I don't let it thicken or leave for a moment and stir again, I just drink it right off. Bloody love these things, they don't really make it feel like I'm dieting and they are super cute. I know it sounds sad but they excite me when I go to have one, I always feel a bit put down by a lot of diet products looking so clinical but this feels a little more cheeky and it's more of just a "helping hand!" I quite like the taste as well, it's really weird, they smells sweeter than they taste to me. I couldn't finish my first one when I first tried them though but that was again, back at the old formula and it was going to thick and seperating where as the new one is a lot smoother! I wonder if they would do a caffiene free version as then I would probably have one before dinner too... I don't have too big a dinner but a couple of hours after I find myself reaching for something else. Oops.. Lost a stone so far with them though. Need to do a post on the new formula!

    Lizzums x

  2. I have also ordered it..

  3. LOVE your blog! New follower!



  4. Yep...i know...diet, a pain for me too... I love your discovery... I read your blogs couples time on a month but this time you manage to hit me:)...nice article and all the full descriptions of your sensation when you drink this... could be a solution for me too...I will try Skinny Sprinkles ...

  5. Good luck on your endeavors. I'd be careful with those tho' :)


  6. i never heard of these before.



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