8 May 2013

Bin Weevils Collectors Set

Bin Weevils Bling Tin
Im not sure there is a collectable toy that has passed that both my boys haven't bought into...and now to add to that ever growing list Bin Weevils have just launched their brand new 'Bling Collection'.
I remember Go Go's doing a similar thing in the past with 6 shiny gold coloured collectable GoGos all in a tin...well this is pretty much of the same vain!!
Bin Weevils Bin Bots

Bin Weevils Blinged characters

Bin Weevils Plinths
 The box includes:
2 x Bin Weevils character figures
6 x Bin Bots Collectable Figures
6 x Plinths ( to stand them on)
1 x bling label sheet
Bin Weevils characters

Bin Weevils Tink and Clott

Bin Bots
 The 2 main characters Tink and Clott are blinged in a gold colour whilst the smaller Bin Bots are crystalised and clear. The set is absolutely perfect for any fan of Bin Weevils and the sheer fact that they come in a collectors tin will make this set highly desirable to any fan. Its full of little goodies that any kid would love to play with, and the accompanying plinths make them ideal to display.
The set is available for ages 5+ and is priced at only £12.99 which is excellent value.
This set will appeal to both boys and girls and would make the ideal gift/birthday present.
The box is available from all major toy retailers so grab one whilst you can.
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