1 October 2013

Tried and Tested: Drops of Youth

Drops of Youth packaging

Serums......always been a bit hit and miss for me if I'm honest. They sound so promising yet alot just don't seem to wow and because of that i very rarely plump for the serum option. I was asked to trial a facial serum product from Body Shops Nutriganics range called Drops of Youth. The product tags itself as a 'Youth enhancing concentrate for smoother looking skin' and states it contains 'Criste Marine plant stem cells. So what exactly do the plant stem cells do?....well they are meant to aid skin rejuvenation and over time are meant to slow the ageing process as well.

The serum also claims to:
Contain no Parabens and no silicones
Enhance skin condition
98% of ingredients are of natural origin
Instantly Moisturise

All sounding good so far!!. 

No Parabens and no Silicones

Drops of Youth Bottle

Drops of Youth Pipette

The serum comes in a handy 30ml bottle which has a glass pipette dispenser. You literally only need to use a couple of drops each time as its spreads pretty well so a small bottle should last you quite a while. The serum has a lovely fresh scent to it and weirdly it feels like its going to be sticky but actually smooths into the skin very easily and dries pretty quick. It claims to be moisturising which i found a bit baffling to be honest as it left my skin looking very matt and feeling quite dry and was eager to get my normal moisturiser on quickly....which your meant to anyway.  I was also a bit baffled by one of the main ingredients which was alcohol .......doesn't it cause dryness in skin care products??

Anyway i have to admit this has made my skin feel and appear alot firmer and does provide a great overall base for putting on make up. I don't however enjoy the dry feeling after application....but iv stuck with it and i do believe my overall skin condition has improved and feels more even and firmer.

I would say if your someone with problem dry skin to avoid this as the dry feeling after application may not be to your liking....The serum i would say is best suited to oily or combination skins and the first signs of ageing from aged 30-40.

Is this a miracle serum?.....no
Does it improve skin tone and firmness?...yes
Is it moisturising?.....no
Would i recommend it to others?........well the jury's still out on that one as iv only been using this product for over a week now. Am slightly worried about the drying effect of the alcohol content and for me i wouldn't really class this as an anti ageing product....it acts more like a primer giving my skin an even and firm base. 

The serum is priced at £22 but this bottle will last you ages. Personally i would have loved this to be alot more moisturising as my skin is quite dry to begin with and i just wasn't keen on the drying effect this produced....the firm skin effect was however a big plus point.

Have any of your tried this as well?? Whats your thoughts on the alcohol content? Had it worked like a dream for you? Drop me a message and let me know.

Thank you to the lovely Siobhan Congreve at IProspect for the sample.

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