14 April 2014

House moving and life changing

Moving house

Iv been a bit quiet of late on my blog which is due to the fact iv literally just moved house. This is a huge move for us....not just because of the fact we've spent a whacking 13 years at the last place (how the hell did that happen) but the reason for moving was due to a life changing event that happened to me and my family last year. 

Imagine the feeling that one minute everything's good and normal and in a split second you are told something and your world as you know it falls apart.......that's what happened to me and my family, the sort of thing you read about in newspapers and your heart goes out to the family.....that was us....your suddenly living something that happens to 'other people'.....you've become those 'other people'.

Every day was a blur, everynight i cried myself to sleep....you cycle through every emotion..anger, sadness, guilt, frustration....it strips you of the person you once were and you become someone else. I seriously thought it would break me and my other half......but here we are still going, staying strong with our family as number 1 priority.

The move was for lots of reasons and was hugely important in the step for us to get on with our lives. One day i may be able to talk about what happened.....all i can say is never get complacent with anyone...family or friends, even those closest to you....we learnt the hard way.

So im slowly clambering back to the person i once was and the first 2 weeks in our new house have been really exciting.....my kids are happy and me and my other half are feeling determined. 

Looking forward to getting back on my blog.....i don't very often write personal posts but hey there's a first time for everything!
Bye for now

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  1. Despit whatever hell you've gone through it's great to see you feeling positive and not letting it destroy your life. Moving is such a great way to get a fresh start and reflect on the past whilst moving on to your next chapter. Welcome back to the blogosphere. <3
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

    1. Aw thanks.....yeah just never thought id get through it all, but i have and loads of good things happening this year, grateful to all the good people around us that pulled us through xx Thanks for your lovely comment...means alot xx


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