20 September 2015

Irritant free skincare with Dermasalve

Dermasalve range

Allergies and sensitivity to certain products are the bain of my life....so the concept of Dermasalve was a pretty attractive one. Let me introduce the brand to you a bit more.....

For those of you that haven't come across Dermasalve before - they are the very first moisturising range that is completely free of all known irritants, you know...those general nasties that make you blotchy, itch, swell (well in my case anyway).....to prove this they have compared their range to 5 other well known moisturising creams on the market and you can see from the table below that Dermasalve score a big fat zero against all of them in relation to known irritant ingredients.

Dermasalve comparison table

So what DO the creams contain - well they are packed with natural oils such as aloe vera, palm oil, wheatgerm and jojoba and these are then bundled together with vitamins and antioxidents with help repair and rejuvenate dry skin.

There are several products in the range from face cream to body cream to one especially for baby skin - the 3 i trailed from the range were the Face, Body and hand cream.

Dermasalve Cream

All the creams come in an easy dispense push down bottle. The first thing you notice about these creams is the feel of the cream - its almost a watery consistency...really light, which may feel a bid odd at first......but bear with it!!. There is none of that greasy feeling you tend to get with creams, a little goes a long way and it absorbs pretty quickly. The results are instant, skin feels soft and hydrated, you don't have to wait ages for it to dry and also it doesn't block pores which is a bonus. The best thing about these creams is that the effects last, its not just a quick fix. 

I have to say when i first tried each of these I just didn't think they were going to work very well - the watery consistency wasn't something i was used to.....but the feel of my skin after application proved me wrong...love the way my skin feels after application and this range is a pure godsend for anyone out there who suffer with allergies, sensitive skin etc. It also means this range can be used by anyone with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. 

Products in the range are exceptional value and range from £5.99 up to £30.00 for an eczema treatment pack - You can buy they direct from the website but they are also currently on offer over at Pharmacy 2u   - so grab yourself a bargain quick.

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