15 October 2016

Lord & Berry Seta Eyeshadows

Lord and Berry Seta Eyeshadows

Now i have to admit Im a bit of a sucker for coloured eyeshadow......blues, greens, purples.....you name it Iv worn them all, so when I was asked to review some of the funky colours from Lord & Berry's Seta range i jumped at the chance!!

So if you havent come across Lord & Berry they are a Italian fashion house that basically regards makeup as a glamour fashion accessory. Even though they are a mid price range brand, their products have a high end feel and look which is sleek and very appealing.

Now the Seta range of eyeshadows is extensive......with colours ranging from Valentine pink to Molten Black, it covers a huge spectrum. The eyeshadows come in single round pots......each individually boxed.

Lord and Berry Seta Eyeshadows

I tried 4 colours from the Seta range which were:
luxurious-lime - pastal lime colour
Sumptious - a deep purple colour
Green Fairy - an almost grey/green
Peacock - lovely turquoise blue

Lord and Berry colour swatches

The shadows are really soft and easy to apply but most importantly really blendable making it easy to combine different colours. Pigment is quite light meaning that you can layer colour to make it darker and more intense and some have a slightly iridescent effect.

Staying power is quite impressive and i found that they don't crease like you tend to get with some eye shadows. 

Prices vary for these, from about £8 - £12 depending on where you order from. 

Overall im really impressed with the range, love the single pots however It would be fab if they sold them as sets as well. The colours are bendable and have enough staying power to take you through the day.

Check out the full range at http://www.lordandberry.com/ 

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