7 December 2016

Tech Review: Lee Stafford Academy Hairdryer

Now its not often that i would get excited at a getting new hairdryer, but that was before i got my hands on this rather sleek looking piece of kit!!

The Lee Stafford Academy pro speed hairdryer is at the higher range of the hairdryer market...and rightly so...this has so many good points on every level, so lets list them.

Packaging: When this arrived it was immediately one of those 'ooooh' moments, the box is impressive and well designed in sleek black and electrical pink colours. Its a simple magnetic seal and on opening you are greeted with the hairdryer in all its impressive glory (another 'oooh' moment) - plus a cute little note entitled "for the new you!". The card inside contains tips for the perfect blow-dry but best of all a whopping 5 year guarantee.....very nice indeed! (You do need to register within 30 days of purchase on http://www.leestaffordelectricals.com ).

The Hairdryer:  So to the hairdryer itself...which i have to describe as one of the most aesthetically pleasing hairdryers iv seen in a long time....the main body is coated in a black rubberised coating which gives it a better grip but also makes it look pretty damn cool. It has a extra long 3m un-tangable cord with hanging loop which i was pleased about because short cabled hairdryers are a massive bug bear of mine!! It also comes with a 6mm concentrator attachment. The 2 added bonuses of this hairdryer is that is has a handy removable grille cover for cleaning....(yes you can actually clean it properly), and also it has universal voltage....so travel is a doddle!!

Features and usability: The dryer has 2 speeds and 3 heat settings depending on how you like to style, it also has the cool shot button which gives a blast of cold air when needed, and the blast is pretty instant when the button is pressed. The dryer is a nice weight, not too heavy and the rubber casing means its really easy to hold, doesn't slip in your hand. The overall speed when on the highest setting is pretty good and blasts my medium length hair dry in a matter of minutes. The extra narrow concentrator is also great for targeted blow drying.

Conclusion: One of the best hairdryers Iv come across in a long time, well designed packaging, sleek design, aesthetically stunning and works really well. If you are looking for a 'major brownie points' christmas present this year for your other half then you need to be ordering one of these.....top marks Mr Stafford - great product!!

Pricing: The Academy Hairdryer retails at £69.99 which is at the higher end for hairdryers however the overall design, features and usability I think make it well worth the money...and with a 5 year guarantee to boot, you can't go wrong.

Thank you to Review Directory for giving me the chance to review this hairdryer.

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