28 March 2017

Tech Review: Lee Stafford 'No Strings Attached' straighteners

Lee Stafford Cordless Straighteners

So cordless is finally a thing now and being a 'corded straightener' aficionado the prospect of having a cordless version was an exciting one........
freedom to finally style where i wanted and Lee Staffords version doesn't disappoint.

Lee Stafford Cordless Straighteners

So firstly packaging - So the box comes in Lee's trademark dark pink and black box which easily stands out on any shelf and looks like a quality product.

The box contains:
Black heating mat
Pink weighted heating base
Carry case
Cable and the straighteners themselves

Lee Stafford Cordless Straighteners

    Headline grabbers for these straighteners are:

  • Soft touch rubberised finish - sleek and striking looking but also make it a whole lot easier to grip when in use
  • Can be used cordless or corded - you have to place these in the base to heat up. (note they DO NOT contain a rechargeable battery so you have to place it back in the base to heat up between styling sections) - having the corded option gives you the flexibility if you are styling for a longer period.
  • Heats up quickly - up to 230 degrees and then stays hot for up to 15 mins (this is dependent on hair type)
  • Long lasting - retains the heat for a good 15 minutes depeneding on hair type
  • Anti Frizz with tourmaline-ceramic coated plate
  • Comes with a nifty carry bag and heat resistant mat.
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty

Lee Stafford Cordless Straighteners

Lee Stafford Cordless Straighteners

So usability - obviously the massive bonus with these straighteners is the fact you are not tied to a plug socket - meaning freedom to style your hair where you like. 

The base charger is compact and sturdy, made in the same pink rubbery finish as the straighteners. Just pop the straighteners in, switch the base on, switch the straighteners on and wait for it to charge (takes a couple of minutes). The soft rubbery grip makes them excellent to handle so perfect when using various hair products. 

So for tackling my hair the tourmaline/ceramic plates  just simply glided through......and my hair is pretty thick. I have to admit i was initially sceptical regarding the performance of a cordless version - would it heat up hot enough?, would it retain the heat?......well yes and yes, it does both.....It retains the heat very well and gave me the ability to complete a few sections before having to return it to the base to reheat up. Styling your hair without a cord is so much easier.....definitely a convert.

Please note - because these are cordless it doesn't mean they are also designed for travel - the base is pretty heavy and cumbersome for packing -  they are purely designed to make styling at home easier. That said you can take these away as a corded option no problem.

All in all if you are looking for a quality set of straighteners that offer you the best of both worlds (corded and cordless) then look no further - the plates produced excellent results and took a lot less effort to get the desired finish.....why didnt they come up with these sooner!!

If you fancy grabbing yourself a pair then hop on over to Amazon as they are currently retailing for £49.99 instead of the usual £69.99.

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