20 November 2010

Too cool........

If your in any way creative....i assume like me you search the net for inspiration, freebies, tutorials etc. I have literally hundreds of sites i use, and could literally blog about them for hours....so its hard for me to choose just a few.The ones Iv featured below are ones id say i use alot..like on a weekly basis more or less.... also Twitter is amazing for picking up tutorials, free links etc and there are hundreds of willing designers tweeting away sharing their tips which is one of the main reasons i signed up to Twitter........anyway go check out the links below!!

coolhunter logo
 The Cool Hunter is a one stop portal for every design hoares desire. Fashon, design, lifestyle, ads........it has some of the most awe inspiring designs you'll ever see.

webdesigner depot logo
The Webdesign depot is another really good source of creative inspiration, invaluable for print and web ideas and it lists some amazing examples of design at its best!!
stock xchng logo
Need quality stock photos but without the price tag......hows does free ones grab you....one site i couldnt live without is Stock xchng this has been a life saver to me in my job......easy interface with a huge selection of quality free to use images..check it out.

colour lovers logo
 Searching for colour trends, patterns and palettes...check out Colourlovers an easy to use site with a community feel about it...with the ability to download or upload your own schemes and other peoples!!

Kuler logo
 Adobe also has its own colour site in the shape of Kuler....here you can upload and create your own 5 colour themes.....theres literally hundreds on here and you can download them for use online or for direct use in Adobe Creative suite.Pin It

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