30 November 2010

Bedroom Rockstar!!!

This is the first time iv been sent a sex game to review from Lovehoney so was quite intrigued to review it as it's not something I'd normally buy really so was quite excited when I got the package.

Bedroom rockstars game
The game comes in a super glossy box. Bedroom rockstar on the front and just a flash of flesh on the back - the only real hint that this is an 'adult' game. At first glance however this doesn't scream 'sex game' and it certainly isn't tacky looking so full marks on aesthetics.

Game play: On opening the box you're greeted with a game board, 4 packs of cards and two guitar picks... but no instructions. You expect them to be in the box, we puzzled for a bit, and it took us 5 minutes before we realised they were written on the side of the box... doh!  Anyway, the board is a picture of a guitar with a male and female side. The basic aim of the game is to spin the number wheel and with your guitar pick make your way up the arm of the guitar. The guitar arm is split into 4 sections and this is where the cards come in. You have:

  • 30 vocal cards
  • 30 finger play cards
  • 30 performance cards
  • 30 rock star cards

When you land on a square in a certain zone you pick a card and you then have to perform that action on your partner. The zones go up a notch with regards to kinkiness each time:

  • Vocal zone: the tamest zone includes actions such as simple nibbling and kissing etc.

  • Finger play: in this zone you get to explore more e.g. blindfold your partner and pleasure your lover with your hands.

  • Performance zone: things start to get really steamy e.g. masturbate while you perform oral sex on your partner.

  • Rockstar zone: the end zone, your goal of the evening! Whoever reaches this first picks a card and this is full blown 'get down and dirty' type stuff e.g. your partner has to become your sex slave for the evening!

This game is incredibly simple yet effective. Me and my partner spent a good hour playing this... I started off giggling and ended up hot and steamy, sat on top of my other half giving him what his Rockstar card demanded... me as the Rockstar prize!

This game I would say needs a bit of planning before you play it. A few of the cards require props such as blindfolds, lube, vibrators etc so we found ourselves running up and downstairs to find our required tools. The best way to overcome this is to plan the evening before you play it. Just the two of you, lots to drink, candles, massage oils, a selection of toys and restraints and of course damn hot underwear as you both will end up stripping off there's no question of that.

All in all this is a really good game, lots of fun and ends up with things getting incredibly erotic... that's if you let it. My other half was that impressed he's already planned another evening. He absolutely loved it... probably due to the fact he won! So if you're racking your brain for an alternative and saucy night in with your other half - buy this. You will not be disappointed!Pin It

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