1 January 2011

Welcome 2011


Well yep its finally reared its head and 2011 is here, 2010 for me was one hell of a rocky ride.....wont really go into it on here but i went through alot of emotions, highs and lows but thankfully got through it all stronger, determined and more focused.

Discovered alot about myself...feelings, emotions, kinks...discovered some amazing people as well both online and off...way too many to mention here...but to those that know..........a huge great hug to all of u.

So .......plans for 2011........well in no particular order im wanting to:
  • Get fit again and tone up....oh and stick to it!
  • lay off the friggin chocolate for at least a few months
  • experiment more sexually......;)
  • not buy as many sex toys lol
  • to surgically detatch my blackberry from my hand
  • to have a very messy long weekend in Ibiza...and make sure my mate has the best hen party ever
  • to get more dirty adult weekends away
  • stop spending so much on my next account!!
  • to finally perhaps get round to putting the house on the market
  • to keep a bigger supply of batteries for my toys...lol
  • stop buying so much underwear.......
  • to perhaps try and not use the computer as much...(thats aint gonna happen either)
  • Eat more fruit....yada yada yada
  • start saving to take my boys away to Florida
  • make an effort to see mates i havent seen in a while
  • oh and to update my blog much more...*slaps wrist*
I just know half of them aint gonna get done.....but hey gotta make an effort!!Pin It

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