9 January 2011

Buzz items for 2011

My complete buzz list of must have items for 2011....basically meaning stuff i really really REALLY want!!

The Blackberry Playbook
blackberry playbook

Yep Blackberry's new tablet looks amazing and has been given excellent first reviews. Smaller and lighter than the Ipad. Its runs Blackberry Tablet OS and supports a bunch of standard platforms. It has 1GB RAM which is great for running apps in the background and for opening multiple tabs. It has duel cameras.....so you can shoot vids from the back and in the front you can video chat!!!....basically its sexy as hell.....and i want one....;)

MAC Pop Classics

Mac pop classics

MACs big trend for 2011 is bright neon colours...think vibrant eyes such as turquoise and yellow!! This new range is called Pea Cocky and is due for launch in February......I'm a huge fan of bright colours and eye shades so shall be keeping my eyes peeled for this range!!

The Dainty Doll Makeup

Dainty doll collection

Being a pale skinned girl myself, hearing that Nicola Roberts has launched a line specifically targeted to women with pale skin was exciting stuff. Finding foundation to match my skintone is an absolute nightmare!! Her range has just been launched on ASOS and includes some yummy eyeshadows and her Hot pour concealer ........Love it!!!!

Apple TV/Google TV

Apple TV

This tiny sexy little box gives you the ability to steam films, music, tv programmes and more. Powerful wireless streaming, simple to set up and only retailing at about £100 this is a fab little gadget and it seems Apple have hit the spot again.....or have they??....there has been mixed reviews on this one and iv heard that Google are trying to steal the crown with their own Google TV .....the only question is...which one to choose!!!!!

LancĂ´me Teint Miracle

Lancome Teint Miracle

Not so much a new product as just a hot one iv had my eye on....a light reflecting foundation leaving skin radiant and luminous.....giving you supermodel skin in seconds......ill have 5 please!!

Barry M Instant Nail Effects

Barry M Nail Polish

Again not a new product but such a fab innovation from Barry M.Simply paint it over your favourite nail colour and a crackle effect appears before your very eyes.....endless variations and with a hint of 80's flair.....love it!!

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

Due out sometime this year a 'glasses free' 3D console........nuff said really.....(3D Mario.....AMAZING!!!)

I could go on.........sooooo many more to add..and i probably will....!!Pin It

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